All About QuickBooks Premier 2018

In the fall of the year 2017, Intuit released the latest version i.e. QuickBooks 2018. It is available in three basic editions (QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise) along with the one special edition for accountants. This latest version has resolved all the previous bugs and issues. QuickBooks Premier 2018 comes with various improvised features along with many enhanced add-on integrations. This edition is available as QuickBooks Premier 2018 or QuickBooks Premier Plus 2018, so you can select from any one of them according to your business requirement. If you are having some troubles in understanding which edition will be beneficiary for you, then you can always contact the QuickBooks customer support number. They will understand your business and guide you accordingly.

Here is a list of the features which are available in QuickBooks Premier 2018 all the Windows versions in the US, Canada and UK.

Multiple Monitor Support: You can now easily work in multiple monitors as QuickBooks now supports up to three monitors at a time.

Search in the Chart of Accounts: Tracking was never so easy but with this exclusive feature, you can track an account by just entering number or name in the search bar of the Charts of Accounts.

Remain Logged-in: It is a special feature in the latest QuickBooks 2018, which allows you to remain logged-in to your application every time they open or you switch any QB Company files.

Cash/Accrual toggle on reports: With this feature, you can save a lot of time as you can juggle between your Cash and Accrual according to your requirement. You can also switch the basis of your accounting reports.

Past Due Stamp: You can now put Past Due Stamp in your invoices and remind your customers about their payments which are due.

New keyboard shortcuts: This new feature enables you to copy and paste data into your financial reports by using some simple keyboard shortcuts.

Inventory reports enhancements: With this feature you can easily modify your reports by adding columns or changing the filters of your reports.

Secure Webmail: You can now send email or forms from QuickBooks via Webmail. You can send emails from MSN, Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Windows Live accounts through QuickBooks using the new multi-factor authentication and securely your email with the new in-built secure integration method.

Merge Vendor Records: This feature is only available in the QuickBooks Premier 2018. You can now access various accountant tools while you are working on-site with your customers. You can easily access your accountant Tool-box by unlocking it. It also stabilizes your window accordingly so that you can manage your vendor records and merge them. With the Merge Vendor Records feature, you can manage both active as well as inactive vendors.

Here are some features which are available with QuickBooks Premier 2018. This version of QuickBooks is only available for desktop users only. If you have not upgraded your software then upgrade it, so that you can enjoy the benefits of it. If you are having some troubles in doing so, then you can just contact the QuickBooks customer support. In case, you are unable to reach them due to any reason, then you can also look for other alternatives like “RemoteAccounting247”. You just have to call on their round the clock available toll-free customer support number 1-800-961-6588. You can also visit their website and request for online chat support.

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