QuickBooks POS Support for Small Business

The Point of Sale hardware and software offerings by Intuit are considered best in market by accounting experts. Major benefits include the capability to integrate with your QuickBooks software, easy set up, and online access. Intuit sells these via a reseller like us. We retail the POS hardware and software elements but that’s not where we stop.

We will help you set it up, import data from whatever system you were using previously, and answer any questions regarding its functionality. To get answers to your queries, call us on our QuickBooks POS support phone number to troubleshoot a problem quickly and get back to work. A manual is included with your purchase and should be sufficient in helping you solve both hardware and software problems. However, we confidently bet that you will not want to fish the booklet out with your customers watching just so that you can retrieve info on how to troubleshoot such a small problem like a paper jam.

If you have already made your purchase and have worked with it for some time, you have learnt to use the hardware and even though you are conversant with how the software works, some tasks need the eye of a professional. For instance, the data from your sales is going to be synced with QuickBooks. Recording sales could be easy but, you might not have the skill and knowledge needed to ensure the accuracy of data in your digital accounting book. This is where we come in.

We have got ProAdvisor Certified accountants who will collaborate with you to ensure that your business remains healthy. Additionally, if you have got interest in presenting the values of your business by customizing your invoices and receipts, we can help you do that. With the features in QuickBooks, you can enhance your documents by adding a logo and custom backgrounds.

The POS system from Intuit includes a bar code reader, a pin pad with integrated swipe function, a receipt printer and the QuickBooks Point of Sale. The latter consists of an iPad, an iPad stand and a cash drawer. You might or might not need all these items. For instance, you would not require the Bar Code scanner if the POS is going to be used in a restaurant. If you are not sure about what you should take, call our Intuit POS support number to discuss your needs with an expert.

Remember that this was designed to help you run your business quickly and efficiently. It just makes sense that you should be in a position to take full advantage of its features. Let us help you understand it by being there for you when you need an urgent answer and taking on tasks that would otherwise inconvenience your business if you were to do them yourself.