QuickBooks POS System Crashes

QuickBooks POS System Crashes

Every business today is managed by software, and thus, is more efficiently and easily run. When the use of technology can be greatly helpful in dealing with the everyday stress, there are evidently some problems associated with it too.

For instance, what happens when your POS crashes down suddenly and at a very crucial time? Though a call to the QuickBooks customer support team can aid in resolving the issue, it might take a little while to resume whatever you have been doing. Before even finding out what the problem is, alert the customers/clients who are waiting for you to deliver and warn them that there is a technical issue and it might take time to resolve. Now, the best possible way to deal with this is to get immediate help and ensure you do the following to ascertain the cause of the problem:

  • Check the cable connections and all wires, to make sure it has not been pulled out by mistake. More often than not, a simple error in the connections can also lead to shutting down of the POS. Problems like someone stepping on the wire
  • Your operators can connect the breakers to the battery terminals during power outages, before checking for the fault in them. And, while checking the breaker, let one employee check the POS, while other flicks the breakers, to ensure no confusion occurs in dealing with the breakers.
  • Restart the terminals from the power switch and try to figure out if the POS is working. Check if all data is updated to the current date. Also, while rebooting the system, do not remove or move any wires. A simple on/off of the power will do the miracle if it can be achieved with it.
  • Work on the manual mode till the issue is resolved. A manual credit card swipe, calculator, and other essential items (depending upon your business) can be kept as a back-up for such instances to avoid inconvenience.

If there are no power outages or any other problems with the wire, then the crashing of POS can be a technical issue. The best way to resolve this issue is to call in an expert help. The QuickBooks technical support team can aid in the process and check the errors to fix the issue.

Although it might take some time to fix it, keep the manual mode handy to ensure none of the customers or clients or the employees are inconvenienced. Call the toll-free number of QuickBooks Customer support to relate the issue. While you are on the call, the experts might advise you to reboot the system and restart the terminals and work on the POS to find out the problem. It is better to ensure that you have a person who is technically adept at handling the instructions provided by the QuickBooks technical support expert on call.

QuickBooks is efficient and versatile software, dealing with a whole lot of business-related communications, payroll, accounts and much more. With the back-up of the QuickBooks customer support team, it can make life easier and systematic for the users. We have a team of qualified POS experts. You can reach us at our toll-free number +1-800-961-6588.

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