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There are multiple small businesses out there that require a reliable and trustworthy POS system to keep track of all the sales. One of the best to do it on the market is the Intuit QuickBooks powered by Revel Systems. Not only do they offer easy to service but also they have a great support system for any confusion that can occur.

What Service We Have for QuickBooks POS Support

No matter what business field you are in Service is the number one characteristic factor that will earn you more business and make you stay in the business. The QuickBooks POS system is friendly but not everybody is tech savvy. Thus making people sometimes take more than one try to get the hang of the operating system fully. Intuit QuickBooks POS service offers a call line for new customers, which goes as follows +1-800-961-6588.

For those that do not wish to wait, they can resolve their issues online. They know that a lot of people can have the same questions. Thus they have a commonly asked questions tab. If your questions are not on there then you may continue the process via online. Another way to resolve your issue is by contacting QuickBooks customer service at +1-800-961-6588. There are also two more alternative ways to get things solved

  • Call You-QuickBooks offers a way to get in contact with you if you can’t find the time in the day to call them. By leaving your number on their online support tab, they will call you back when a representative becomes available.
  • Call using your web phone– Thus selecting the tab on the website of a call from a web phone. It opens up a dial field in which you can literally dial their number. It would use the Internet system to place the call. As a result of not charging you for a phone call.


Some issues do not get resolves instantly. Therefore they require more effort and time to resolve something. QuickBooks suggest that if you have called their support multiple times without any improvement. Then you should go online and fill out a “help me with my issue” form. After that higher heads of the company would review your issue. Although in general such an action should be held off for a last report type of situation.

All of over the world service is the number one priority for all business. The people like to get treated with care and trust. If those two are performed then you can build some time on effectiveness. Not everything is done at a snap. Thus with the QuickBooks POS system it solves a lot of headaches. But when problems occur they give a large variety of ways in order to resolve them. Bringing you the service and perfection that you deserve.

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