QuickBooks POS Errors

QuickBooks Point of Sale is one service that integrates both QuickBooks accounting software and Point of Sale add-on application resulting in the completion of sales task in tandem with the corresponding accounting activities of the business recorded successfully without encountering issues like the double entry of same transactions. The POS service not only ensures the successful completion of sales of the product, but it also helps in managing the inventory status within the company. The user can keep a check on the stock available within the business, what has to be bought and how much more is required to finalize a product. Moreover, with increasing advance technology user can also go for employee management.

QuickBooks Point of Sale software is one of the most bought POS software catering to almost all sizes of businesses. Its professional mix of tools and features help retailers to bridge the gap between purchase order and sales quite easily. However, the software is as prone to some common issues like any other software. There are certain challenges faced by users while employing the use of QuickBooks POS that may trigger a halt in the workflow which if not resolved within a set time period might cause further damage to the business. Some of the common QuickBooks POS errors faced by the user are listed below:

Tracking Promotions: Businesses employing QuickBooks POS have the option of tracking their sales along with creating a sales report. There are instances when your POS systems fail to do this properly. In that case, you should contact the Intuit setup customer support. They will help you resolve your issues in the minimal wait of time.

Connecting QuickBooks POS with Company Data File: While working on QuickBooks Point of Sale, there are occasions when your POS is unable to get connected with the data file which is saved in your workstation.

  1. Switch off the QuickBooks Point of Sale system.
  2. Reboot the server first and then reboot the QuickBooks POS system
  3. Switch on QuickBooks Point of Sale on your system after which POS database file should connect with the server automatically. If it does not get resolved then the option available is to connect with the Intuit’s Customer Support Team.

● Invalid Product Code or Invalid Product Number Errors

  1. In QuickBooks Point of Sale, this error code is also known as Error Code 176109. This error sometimes appears when you upgrade your Point of Sale or when you are adding more users. This error can occur if you have inserted an incorrect product key.
  2. To avoid this error, you can verify your product key by going to help and about POS on your software.
  3. If the problem still persists then, it is because of the damaged database. In such situation, you can contact the QuickBooks customer support.

The above three problems are quite common and can be resolved by following the steps enumerated above. However, if the issue does not get resolved user should contact the QuickBooks support team housed by Intuit. The support team comprises of proficient QuickBooks experts having in-depth knowledge regarding the POS software. In case the support team cannot be connected due to long queue then they can opt for alternative support agency like www.RemoteAccounting247.com for online support or call on their QuickBooks Toll Free Number+1-800-961-6588.