Resolve QuickBooks POS Error Store Exchange 175137

QuickBooks POS Error Store Exchange 175137

As accounting software, QuickBooks is known to alleviate all problems related to business management in the small and medium businesses. The tools that are embedded in the software help manage customers and clients, finances, inventory, vendors and anything else that is required to manage businesses efficiently.

The highlight of the software- Report Center – helps in tracking sales, income status, expenses and the growth of the company, all at one head. All versions of the QuickBooks provide innumerable features to maintain and track every task related to business management.

Although working with the QuickBooks can be a swift and efficient way of handling business-related activities, the users might encounter certain errors at a time. The QuickBooks technical support team handles all the issues related to these errors and help resolve them instantly through a call.

One such error message that the users might encounter is: ERROR 175137
Or the Resolve the QuickBooks Point of Sale Error – 175137.

The Error message will read ” The received XML file cannot be processed or Unable to process XML file since it contains invalid information.”

Cause of the QuickBooks POS Error Store Exchange 175137:

The error code 175137 might occur due to one of the following reasons:
The format of the exchange file received is different from the ones usually processed by QuickBooks
The location of the file is on an older release or a previous release of the software.

Resolution for QuickBooks POS Error Store Exchange 175137

  • The Error 175137 is called the ‘STORE EXCHANGE ERROR’ and can be resolved easily at the user’s end if handled efficiently. The error message gets displayed when one transfer data from, say, one store to another or headquarters to other stores located at a remote location. The Data is sent as ‘Mailbag’ or a compressed version, to reduce the file size.
  • Calling in the QuickBooks customer support team will fix the issue instantly. The experts can locate the file on its locations to find out if they are present on the previous or older release and also check the format of the file. If not, it can be resolved easily at the User’s end, through the following steps:
  1. Open QuickBooks on your PC and start running the software
  2. Now, for each location you reach, click ‘HELP’ and pick ‘SOFTWARE UPDATE’ if any
  3. Check each location to ensure there are no new software updates. If they are available, make sure to update the software
  4. Once updates are INSTALLED, close and follow the instructions to complete updating
  5. Start QuickBooks software, and try processing the file once again

The steps mentioned above should resolve the issue and clear the Error 175137 messages and also process the XML file without interruptions. However, in case if the error is not resolved, and the software is not letting you process the XML file, (and if the same error message is displayed), call in the Customer support team for help.

The QuickBooks technical support team is available 24×7 for help and can connect with you on the Toll-free numbers to help resolve the issue.

Make sure to call in the experts at the toll-free number +1-800-961-6588 in case of any other error messages too, apart from the 175137, for an error-free working on QuickBooks software.

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