My QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table Update Won’t Install Correctly and it is Causing the Software to Freeze Up

QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table Update Won't Install

QuickBooks software is specially designed to maintain all financial and accounting activities. It helps to organize all the business income and expenses in small, medium or large sized business houses. This software has other additional advantages of managing the payroll services, integrates itself with other useful programs and helps in exporting data too.

However, at times, there are several factors responsible for disturbance in the normal workflow like improper updates, wrong action performed by the user or not shutting the system properly.

One such feature of QuickBooks is to provide current and accurate rates for payroll calculation along with a whole lot of latest provincial and federal tax tables, tax forms and e-filing options, therefore, it’s important to download or install the latest payroll tax table in QuickBooks.

But several users face a typical problem which is freezing up of QuickBooks due to Payroll tax table not getting installed correctly.

Error Description: This results in the user being unable to use the payroll function due to the program constantly freezing up and they have to exit many times out of the system by doing a ctrl+alt+del. If you notice carefully the File Doctor in update function indicates “install pending”.

Fixing the QuickBooks Payroll Functionality Error

The reason for the error may be due to the fact that some of the payroll features may have got corrupted after the most recent update.

Step 1: Initially, try to open the QuickBooks Desktop and run QuickBooks File Doctor tool which diagnoses and repairs your data files and prevents the trouble of freezing.

Note: Download and run the most up-to-date version of QuickBooks File Doctor tool. Also, please be advised that QuickBooks File Doctor only works for QB Desktop for Windows and it’s NOT compatible with QuickBooks for Mac.

After diagnosis, try to open the QuickBooks file again and check if the problem is resolved.

Step 2: Once the above step is complete, then perform the “verify and rebuild” procedure that needs to be carried out to fix any possible issues of data or feature damages.

An Overview Of Verify Data and Rebuild Data

Verify Data is meant to self-identify the most commonly known data issues in a company file. Rebuild Data in turn, self-resolves most of the data integrity issues spotted by Verify Data function.

1. Choose Window > Close All

To verify the data – Go to File – Utilities – Verify Data

2. To rebuild the data – Go to File – Utilities – Rebuild Data – Save a backup copy of your company & press OK- Rebuild has completed
3. Now run the Verify Data again to check for the remaining data damage
4. If the Verify detects additional damages then these damage/s need to be manually corrected.

To locate additional errors, you can seek the help of Remoteaccounting247 QuickBooks help team who can help you locate additional errors and gives you a step-by-step resolution for the problem and helps you get your QuickBooks Payroll up and running.

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