QuickBooks Payroll Cloud Hosting

QuickBooks Payroll Cloud Hosting has been introduced to businesses for easy and swift way of completing payroll activities along with additional benefits that are not available with other payroll applications. Take for an example that an employee is using Payroll software desktop version. He needs to update some payroll activity but the company file is right now out with outsourced Accountant in order to update the company file and as such will have to wait for his turn to update. Now in the same scenario if QuickBooks payroll software on cloud was in use, this problem of waiting wouldn’t have been necessary as the update and changes in the Payroll can be done in real time by accessing the software with assigned login details.

QuickBooks Payroll on Cloud accords users with many features that makes the software much more efficient and enhances the user experience by giving them many more options to handle their payroll tasks. With benefits like swift salary payment to employees through just 3 steps, organizing all the data regarding business payroll under one platform while keeping tax requirements ready for filing and payment.

Impeccable Features

Direct Deposit: Direct Deposit is introduced as an additional feature only available with QuickBooks Payroll Online software or QuickBooks payroll on Cloud. It offers the swift convenience of transferring the salary of the employee directly into their bank account to the user. This gives dual benefit in which on one hand the employee does not have to rush to their banks in order to deposit paper checks and also saves money for the user as there is no additional cost charged with this tool.

No Manual Interference: With the benefit of automatic backup of data and download of updates as and when they are released, QuickBooks Payroll Online is slowly and surely reducing the need for manual input. This, in turn, ensures there are lesser mistakes as all the calculations are done automatically. One more benefit is that the software downloads and categorizes the transactions from bank, it has synced with, automatically which ensures no mistake of double entry and manual errors.

Impeccable Tools to Grow Business: Built-in calculator ensures timely tax calculations are done and stored for future use. The fact that the software can be accessed from anyplace and at any time makes sure there is no lagging in updating the information. Furthermore, the subscription to this software comes with free support from payroll experts of QuickBooks feature that ensures any error faced with the software is resolved within allotted time period.

Assured Benefits

Apart from the features above, users also garner numerous benefits that make the job of payroll easy to complete. Some of the benefits guaranteed to provide complete satisfaction that makes the software worth every penny spent on it are:

1. Generate and send limitless invoices and estimates as per company requirements.
2. Track Cash Flow movement through the Expenses and Income segment if the business.
3. Complete maintenance of bills and timely payments of the same.
4. Keep track on what is being done by the authorized personnel.
5. Swift transactions download from accounts of credit cards and bank.
6. Back up of the data stored on the software is done automatically. No human reminder or interference is needed
7. Generate and send purchase orders to clients as and when are needed.
8. Data accessibility from any device like Smartphone, tablets and iOS devices with stable internet connectivity.
9. Keep control on who can access the software and what features will be allowed.
10. Track how much stock is left and what needs to be ordered. Ordering can be done from the software itself.

Payroll Process:

QuickBooks Payroll Cloud Hosting helps the user to process their payroll tasks like accurate calculation of salary, e-payment, and e-filing of payroll taxes is completed on time without creating any fuss. User needs to follow only three basic steps presented below:

● Firstly provide complete detail of hours completed by an employee for authentic calculation of salary and then printing of paycheck as per salary can be done through Instant Paycheck Tool.
● Automatic calculation of payroll taxes incurred by the company.
● Generating of payroll tax forms are done automatically and then saved to be reminded at a later date to the user for filing and payment.

For more information on Cloud Hosted QuickBooks Payroll application, user can connect with the Intuit housed Payroll Support team. This team consists of Payroll professionals having authentic knowledge of all the aspects of the software. In case the user is unable to connect with the same due to long queue, user can try to connect with alternative support agencies and visit their website for online chat support like www.RemoteAccounting247.com or call on QuickBooks Support Number+1-800-961-6588

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