QuickBooks Online Pay Stubs

While working in QuickBooks accounting small business software, if you are struggling to print the QuickBooks online Pay Stubs then we will help you out with the required guidelines and technical support. In case you have forgotten the voucher check, still by following some simple steps, you can easily print the Pay Stubs. QuickBooks software will print the pay stubs in a format of the landscape which means the pages include multiple stubs. This permits you to create Pay stubs efficiently and faster.

To print QuickBooks online Pay Stubs, go to the File Menu > then click Print Forms > and then click Pay stubs.  Now go through the records of checks and their relevant dates available. You must now choose the paychecks for the required stubs printed. QuickBooks automatically prints the entire records by default. However, if you wish to remove them, you can simply do by clicking on the individual checks in the list.

Note: Prior to printing QuickBooks online Pay Stubs, assure that you have already chosen the Plain paper stubs from the list

  1. Choose the Gear icon > and then select Payroll settings.
  2. Within the Preferences, choose the Paycheck Printing.
  3. Select the Plain paper stubs, and then Click OK.

Method I: To Print QuickBooks online Pay Stubs

  1. Choose the Workers.
  2. Within the Run, payroll chooses Paycheck list.
  3. Modify the Date Range if required and choose the pay stub date that you wish to print.
  4. Click Print
  5. A PDF displays, to print, click on the Printer icon


Method II: To Reprint the QuickBooks online Pay Stubs

  1. Click on the Reports in the left navigation bar
  2. Select All Reports tab, and then choose Manage Payroll.
  3. Click on the Paycheck List from the listing of reports
  4. Choose the checkboxes when the report page opens for the paychecks or pay stubs you want to print.
  5. Select Print to open the PDF file
  6. To print, Right-click in the pay stubs PDF, and select Print

Method III: To print pay stubs:

  1. Click on the Payday > and then select Paycheck List.
  2. Modify the Date Range if needed. Choose the pay stub date that you want to print.
  3. Choose View and Print.
  4. A PDF will appear. Choose the Print icon to print.


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