QuickBooks Crash Catcher Error in MAC

QuickBooks MAC Crash Catcher Error

QuickBooks Accounting software comes with a user-friendly interface for helping businesses manage their finances efficiently. Its core function reduces the use of multiple charts, tables and so on, and bring all finance-related transactions, such as payroll, sales, income, and so on, under one single table.

While QuickBooks software can be your best partner to conduct business with, there are certain technical glitches that might need attention time to time. The expert team is available to help you tackle the issue on the QuickBooks Customer care support number and to make sure the software is back to being the best companion that you need to take care of business requirements. However, there are certain errors, which can also be resolved from the user’s end, before contacting our QuickBooks Technical support team for help.

For instance, when using QuickBooks on MAC, the users might face a Crash Catcher error. This error requires attention, and the users might need to call our QuickBooks technical support experts for help on the issue. Before calling in for help, the below-mentioned solutions can be tried out, to analyze the issue at your end.

Remember to note down the CRASH REPORT that was displayed on the screen, and also the details of operations performed before the crash report appeared.


One of the primary reasons for the MAC crash catcher error is the missing updates. QuickBooks has constant updates and improvements to the software, to eradicate errors and to make it further easier for the users to work on QuickBooks. Such updates are required to be done immediately by the users to ensure they have an uninterrupted working on the software.

Solution – 1:

To start with, check if there are any latest updates available for going to TASKBAR<QUICKBOOKS<CHECKFORUPDATES. Click on ‘UPDATES’ if there are any new ones available. This should resolve the Crash Error.

Solution –2 Check the integrity of your company file

  • Check for any problems and if there is a technical problem detected, then: FILE<UTILITIES<REBILD DATA
  • Once the operation is complete, VERIFY DATA again to ensure there are no other problems.

If, even after performing the REBUILD DATA operations, you detect problems on the company file, call in the expert team at the QuickBooks technical support numbers to resolve the issue.

Solution – 3 Operate on Safe Mode

  • Shut down the computer using the POWER BUTTON, and restart again, with the same button.
  • Press and hold the SHIFT key until the desktop appears.
  • Try performing the same operation that resulted in the crash error.

Solution – 4 Add new MAC user account

  • Click open ‘SYSTEM PREFERENCES’ and click USERS & GROUPS
  • Press the ‘+’ tab to add the new user as ‘ADMINISTRATOR’
  • Now, try logging in as this new user, and perform the operation again to check if the CRASH error appears.

The Crash error should resolve through these solutions. However, if the problem persists, call in our QuickBooks Customer Support team for fixing the error instantly. Our QuickBooks technical support experts are available 24*7 on +1-800-961-6588 to resolve any issues pertaining to the software and its related products.

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