QuickBooks Error 6130 Resolve

QuickBooks Error 6130 Resolve

QuickBooks Enterprises software is multi-faceted and versatile software with several added, customizable features as an added advantage. The software comes with many additional features such as payroll, sales reports, invoice entry and others, making it very valuable business management software to buy. The QuickBooks technical support team with its expert’s panel help chalk out any problems that the users might face while working with the software.
While software can help ease out the difficulties and make things easier for the business, there are some technical faults that arise sometimes due to several issues. One such error that is not common, but the users might encounter, is Error- 6130.

What is ERROR 6130?

Error – 6130 message displays when QuickBooks is trying to access a company file, but it cannot connect to the database server. The display message will read:

“QuickBooks is trying to access the company file but cannot contact the database server”
Or “QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close”

What is the cause of Error- 6130?

The reasons or causes for this error may be due to:

  • Damage in the QuickBooks desktop file
  • Incomplete installation of the software or downloading a corrupted file
  • A virus or any malware infection has corrupted the operating system or QuickBooks program files

This error will stop the QuickBooks from responding or connecting your PC to the server, thereby disrupting all operations.

If this Error message appears, close down the QuickBooks Software and call in the QuickBooks technical support team for help. The experts from the tech team will do a troubleshooting operation to first find out the cause of the problem, before acting on it to resolve it.

Alternatively, you can try resolving it by:

  • Restarting the database server and checking if the error still persists
  • Download QuickBooks file Doctor tool, install it and check if the error is fixed. If not, resolve it through the following steps.
  • Repair windows registry and entries associated with Error 6130. This can only be done with an expert help. Call in the QuickBooks technical support team for details.
  • Update device drives on the PC and conducts a malware scan to check for any virus or other misleading programs trying to corrupt the software.
  • Try to uninstall and reinstall the program (software) associated with Error 6130

If the error is not resolved still, place a call to the QuickBooks customer support team at our Toll-free number +1-800-961-6588 for more instructions and help. Since the error may require an expert hand to resolve, try not to perform risky operations that might further damage the files or leave any lasting errors on the software.

The QuickBooks comes with several benefits to the users and with newly added features (on its latest version). Errors can be resolved over the phone, by calling in an expert help. The QuickBooks customer support team can guide you in resolving issues as well as any small doubts related to the product and its workings. Call in the QB customer service number for their customizable option on QuickBooks Enterprises, to enjoy maximum benefits out of the software.

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