QuickBooks Error 15102: Failed to Reset Update, Downloading a Payroll or QuickBooks Desktop Update

QuickBooks Error 15102

This error usually occurs when you are attempting to download a payroll or update QB desktop. You will basically receive the message “Error 15102: Failed to rest update”

Possible reasons of QuickBooks Error 15102

  • When you witness that particular download location is invalid or inaccessible. Moreover, shared download is turned on
  • When Quickbook Desktop runs in a terminal services environment in multi-user mode
  • The error may pop up when you are not logged in as Windows Admin or you are running the app as Admin and using Windows Vista

How can you fix QuickBooks Error 15102?

Step 1

If you use a multi-user mode, you need to move to single-user mode

Step 2

You need to make sure that the mapped file location is right. Follow the steps:

  • Press Ctrl+1 to open the product information window. Then, locate the mapped location such as [x]:\[folder name]\[data file name] and write it down
  • Help tab will be selected and QB will be updated
  • Options tab will be clicked and you need to ensure that the Information in Download location is correct
  • Remember that the directory in Download location has to be the same as QB Desktop installation directory
  • If the location is correct, change the state of that location. You need to choose one of the following:
  1. If you choose Yes for Shared Download, then No for Shared download will be selected
  2. If you choose No for Shared Download, then Yes for shared download will be selected
  3. Save tab will be selected
  4. Hit the close button and the latest tax table will be downloaded again

Step 3

Remap the drive to a new letter if the download location is correct

  • You need to shut down QB Desktop company file
  • The network drive to a new letter will be remapped
  • The company file will be opened using the new mapped-drive letter
  • Now, select Help tab > Update Quickbooks
  • Options tab will be clicked
  • Shared Download tab will be turned off and then back on again
  • You need to validate if the download location is using the new mapped-drive letter
  • Now, click Save>Close
  • The latest tax slap will be downloaded

Step 4

  • QB icon will be right-clicked and “Run as Admin” from the desktop will be run
  • “Continue” tab will be clicked when UAC – User Account Control will prompt you to run this application
  • QB updates will be reset

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