QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor 2018

QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor 2018

The all-new QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor 2018 comes with a whole lot of new and innovative features to make the software more irresistible and convenient. This contractor version not only helps in streamlining operational workflow and manages vendors efficiently, but it also helps track inventory reports with its new features. Let us have a quick look at the different additional features that the QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor 2018 brings to its users.

Inventory Bar code Scanning made Easier:

The new QuickBooks contractor comes with a mobile barcode scanner. This feature makes sending sales orders to multiple facilities easier and simpler. It can be controlled through an Android mobile app, with an internet connection. This feature can help eradicate errors in Data entered manually each time a sales order is sent out. The bar codes of the items entering your premises can also be scanned through this feature, thereby making it all more automated.

Multi-Monitor Screen:

The multi-monitor screen facility lets the users compare the two inventories, or enter data from one to another, by opening both simultaneously. Analyzing multiple reports, files and inventories of different suppliers and so on can be done with the help of this feature. Any dialogues or messages will appear on the right side of the monitor, while you can work on the other side easily.

Merge Vendors through the new version

The all-new QuickBooks Enterprises Contractor 2018 helps the users to work on multiple vendors at a time, by merging four simultaneously. Choose one master vendor, and select the relevant information from others (the ones that are being merged). This can help save a lot of time.

Other features include:

  • Quick and faster management and assessment facilities such as one-click toggle to alternate among cash-based account and accrual accounting
  • Past-due stamps on invoices that are open and to be paid
  • Keyword-based search for account information, account code or any number that you want to search – this feature essentially provides the user with the feasibility of finding information without having to manually look for information. Any information fed into the system can be searched through this feature. Call in the QuickBooks customer support to know more details about this feature.
  • Alerts to notify any deadlines for payments- available on QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll accounts only. This feature helps users to set reminders and alerts to ensure payments are done on time, and thereby avoid penalties.
  • Personalized inventory stock data, valuation summary and assembly shortage (by item) options in the new version make it easier to customize and enjoy as per requirement of the users.
  • Enhanced security with passwords and other features.

The new QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor 2018 is excellent software designed to make the contracting job easier and quicker. The QuickBooks Technical support team will guide you through the process from installation to any other tech-related queries.

The QuickBooks Enterprises contractor can be customized as per requirement. Call in the QuickBooks Customer Support team for more details on the new version and all the enhanced features it provides to the users. Call in the toll-free number for more details on the product.

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