How to Set-up Email Service in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Email Service Set-up

QuickBooks, can easily integrate with a multitude services online by using the Internet. This on-premises application facilitates users to work on a number of functionalities, thereby enabling organizations to boost their staff’s accounting proficiency.

One of the key functionalities of QuickBooks software is Email services. This service allows users to work on Purchase Orders (POs) and sales invoices by directly contacting clients and vendors via emails. The email integration feature is also used by organizations in various industries and verticals to share a copy of financial transactions and reports with internal and external stakeholders in the safest and secured ways!

In this article, let’s take a quick look at how to set-up and integrate QuickBooks email service with your webmail or Outlook email!


As the first step, a user is required to download the up-to-date version of QuickBooks software and ensure its compatibility with the organization’s web email or Outlook. If you encounter any error at this step, connect with QuickBooks technical support team at RemoteAccounting247.Com and get a prompt resolution to errors encountered at this step. Please note, following QuickBooks email products are available for users across various countries:

  • QuickBooks 2018 Email Services is available for Hotmail and Gmail users in three countries, viz., UK, Canada, and the US
  • R5 or newer versions of QuickBooks 2017 can be used by the US-based Gmail users only
  • R4 or older versions of QuickBooks 2017 is not available for Webmail users

Next, the user needs to create a unique id and password for their Outlook. This credential will be used for integrating Incoming/Outgoing emails with the QuickBooks email server address. The subsequent steps include:

Left click Edit Menu in your toolbar -> select Preferences -> click Send Forms -> choose My Preference as multiple tabs appear -> select Outlook checkbox -> click OK

It is also important to check and validate your Incoming email server type as any changes may cause errors in QuickBooks installation. The user will be later prompted towards keying in their email login credential to authorize first-time entry in the QB desktop.

If you are not able to run QB software with Outlook and experiencing errors, make sure that Microsoft Outlook is your default software for sending and receiving emails. For this, please follow the below steps:

In your Control Panel, click Default Programs -> mark Microsoft Outlook to configure it as your default email service.

The above step will facilitate QuickBooks application to receive (or send) all emails data directly from Outlook while preventing the occurrence of any error. Besides, it will also enable a user to directly contact the service provider to resolve any related issues.


QuickBooks’s edition has enabled the accounting software’s integration with Gmail. To ascertain the set-up of this preference, a user may follow the below steps:

In the main menu select Preferences tab -> check Gmail option

Next, the window will prompt you to input Server and Port name (automatically detected by QB software) -> select SSL encryption checkbox to ensure absolute safety and privacy while sending or receiving emails -> key in account credentials of your Gmail account to get started with QuickBooks.

Seek QuickBooks ProAdvisor customer support if you are unable to set-up QuickBooks email service!


For users who prefer to work on email accounts other than Gmail or Microsoft Outlooks, this is a great feature! The Email service can work like any other email service, but it facilitates users to create and send emails which will appear in a separate window. To configure and set-up this service, you may follow the same steps as Outlook integration or Gmail integration.

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