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QuickBooks Desktop Security

Data security has always been a sensitive issue. It usually upsets people when data is lost, damaged or gets corrupt due to any possible reason that end up with affecting the work flow. Intuit realized the importance of sensitivity of customer data and developed a feature to safeguard the crucial data of the customers. The well designed feature escalates the data security features to secure the customer information stored in QuickBooks Desktop. The software serves as the best option as the storage of financial and accounting data and at the same time track the financial activities of the company. QuickBooks Desktop security update is the enhanced feature updated in QuickBooks that authorizes users to perform the following functions:

Applied Password Security to Protect the Credit Card Details

Using credit card in QuickBooks is common in large size businesses as there are continuous financial transactions going on. So the security level for the credit card in the QuickBooks has been improved subsequently and the new password protection option to secure the credit card details. The users can set up their own password for the credit card details that will restrict access to unauthorized people thus safeguarding your sensitive company data.

Change Password within 90 Days

Once you set the password for your credit card it needs to be changed after 90 days. And it is compulsory to change it. With the help of the passwords applied in QuickBooks you can secure the financial data and restrict access. The changing of password in 90 days is because the password cannot be guessed and security is improved. If you are running the latest QuickBooks version for your business it is compulsory to change your password after every 90 days. The used passwords cannot be used again.

Audit Trail Reflects the Deleted User Name

In case you have the admin rights and you have deleted a particular user name from the QuickBooks application and had the right to access the QuickBooks account then his name will not reflect during the audit. You will be able to view the details of the transactions carried out in the past but unable to view the name of person who made these transactions.

Recover the Forgotten Password

It usually happens that we forget our passwords that help us to access our QuickBooks desktop. In such scenario QuickBooks will display you a hint of the password that you had set. If you remember it you can resume the work and in case you are you are still unable to figure out the password, you have to enter the email that you mentioned during the time of registration. The password recovery link will be sent to immediately send to the email id and from there you can open the recovery link to reset the password.

The above mentioned are the security updates in the QuickBooks Desktop Security. All these security updates are limited to QuickBooks desktop version used in the windows system. But you are free to update the premier, pro, accountant and enterprise version of the windows version of QuickBooks. There will be no update issue if you are using QuickBooks online or Mac.

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