What is the New Security Update in QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Desktop Security Update

Security is the first thing that creeps in mind when we deal with an accounting software which is connected with company profile, information and precious secured data of the company. QuickBooks is a feature enabled software that keeps on adding new features in updated versions and has a great integration approach with webmail account.

Overview of Security Update

  • The organization which use QuickBooks in multi-user mode have to be extra careful.
  • Credit Card Protection helps to see all data.
  • In case the user has not set the password, administrator account will be notified and it will keep on reminding the user for the setting up the password.

Details of New Security Updates

QuickBooks Security update (Hullaballo)

In case of enabling the Customer Credit Card Protection , add on feature is required for security when one needs to store credit card information in QuickBooks files.

Complex Password

There is a requirement of a complex password of at least 7 characters with one character has to be a number and one in the uppercase. Moreover, this password has to be changed every 90 days. This makes it hard to remember and keep on changing it after every 90 days.

Security Notice

  • There is need for Secure Web Mail
  • There is need for Internet Explorer support
  • There is need for Additional PII encryption

It also has the feature to remind customers of precautions they need to take care to protect their accounts and data like:

  • Setting up password for QuickBooks desktop file.
  • Need to choose strong user name and password using unique letters and numbers, not basic words that can be located in dictionary.
  • Customer need to protect all the personal information with no sharing of username and password allowed.

QuickBooks Technical Support Services

In case user is having any doubt related to security of information in QuickBooks, one can get in touch with our QuickBooks technical support team to clarify all your doubts and problems at +1-800-961-6588 at any time of the day or night.

Sage Support Number

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