QuickBooks Desktop 2018 Update Errors

QuickBooks Desktop 2018 Update Errors

QuickBooks accounting software is one of the most resourceful software that takes care of inventory management, job costing, payroll, sales reporting and several other essential applications involved in a business. QuickBooks provides a comprehensive solution to all business related accounting.

While working on QuickBooks Desktop, the users might come across certain technical problems rarely, and one such issue is the ‘Update Error’. Usually, software is designed to ensure optimum performance at all levels. However, due to some malfunction or technical issues, errors appear. Update error is a run-time error, occurring due to the following reasons:

  • Connectivity issues due to internet disconnections
  • Firewall application settings or internet security present in the system
  • More than one QuickBooks application open on the same computer

This run-time error can be resolved depending upon the problem that has caused the said error.

Internet Connectivity Issues:

For resolution involving internet disconnection while operating QuickBooks, the below-mentioned steps can be performed.

  • For errors such as 12157, 12045, 12038 or 12037, or any update errors without a specific error message, click on the clock (right click) at the bottom of the desktop screen. Now, click on ADJUST DATE AND TIME.
  • Select ‘CHANGE DATE AND TIME’ and type that day’s date and time, and click OK to save.
  • Close QuickBooks desktop, and reopen it to update without any errors.
  • Click on ‘Use internet connection setting when this application accesses internet’ and select ‘NEXT’ >ADVANCED CONNECTION SETTINGS
  • Click ‘OK’ and ‘DONE’ to save changes and now, try updating QuickBooks Desktop.

Firewall related errors can be managed by going to the firewall settings and giving QuickBooks access to your computer settings. Call our QuickBooks customer support team for more information on how to deal with firewall related errors. An update error can occur due to several firewalls related issues. Since they are complex and varied, an expert from QuickBooks Technical support team can assess the situation and resolve it as per the requirement.
For instances where there are more than one QuickBooks installed, and of the same version, such as QuickBooks Desktop 2018 and QuickBooks Enterprises Contractor 2018, a manual update of one or both versions can resolve the issue.

The best way to sort out the problem is to call our QuickBooks Customer care number +1-800-961-6588 for more details on the errors, their causes and easiest way to resolve it.

QuickBooks Desktop 2018 can be the best companion for a growing business. Call in the QuickBooks customer support team for more details on the products and other updates related to the products.

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