QuickBooks Com Error

QuickBooks Com Error

QuickBooks Desktop is one of the versatile and flexible software that has made the job easier for business and have reduced their finance related work tremendously. Hundreds of spreadsheets and data have been clubbed into one single page, with a lot of other embedded information to store and review later on.

With the support of the QuickBooks customer care team, the users find it extremely easier to deal with any errors related to the product and have an uninterrupted working on the software. While the QuickBooks can achieve the job of dozens of accountants in one go, it can also be interrupted by sudden errors that crop up from time to time. The best way to resolve the issue is to call in the expert help, through the QuickBooks Technical support number provided with the software.

One such run time error that the users can face is the .COM ERROR.

What is QuickBooks COM ERROR?

QuickBooks COM ERROR may appear when you try to open the invoices, emailing them or during any such other transactions. Although it is not a frequently occurring error, it may be faced by the QuickBooks users, and therefore, learning the cause and the nature of the error as well as how to resolve them can be a great help.

If you are a QuickBooks user, and you are facing the QuickBooks COM ERROR, try to use one or multiple solutions provided below to fix the issue. Alternatively, calling in our QuickBooks technical team can make the software up and running again.

How to Resolve COM ERROR?

Before beginning, try to check if any updates are available on the software, and update it to the latest version. Now, try performing the transaction that resulted in the error. If the error still persists, then work through the following solutions to fix the issue:

Solution– 1 Setting up OUTLOOK as the default mail

  • From the list of programs, click on MS OUTLOOK <SET THIS AS DEFAULT
  • Click OK to finish.

Solution– 2 Adding another email to OUTLOOK

  • Enter the email address to be added, and click ‘CONNECT’
  • The outlook will automatically detect the server to CONNECT
  • Key in the PASSWORD for the email, and click ‘OK’ to complete the set-up.

Solution– 3 Make a new OUTLOOK email profile

  • To start with, close the MS OUTLOOK and click on ‘CONTROL PANEL <MAIL
  • From the mail set-up window, click on ‘SHOW PROFILE <ADD
  • Key in the PROFILE NAME, and click ‘OK’ to add an email account.
  • Click on ‘ALWAYS USE THIS PROFILE’ and choose the new profile created.
  • Click on ‘APPLY<OK ‘ to save the changes made.


In case the QuickBooks COM error continues appearing whenever an email is sent, or for other transactions, try repairing OFFICE and run WINDOWS update to check if it can be fixed. If even after this, the problem persists, call in our QuickBooks customer care support for help and assistance in resolving the issue satisfactorily and permanently at +1-800-961-6588.

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