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No one can deny the importance of backing up regular financial data. For all the businesses a solid back up plan must be designed for all the business data and files. Usually, the small businesses fail to prepare a backup plan. Intuit brought out the solution with QuickBooks 2011 R6 and QuickBooks 2010 R12 version that is integrated with the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery feature that automatically prepares a local backup copy of your organization files. This feature is only available in QuickBooks Pro and Premier version.

How does QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Works?

• Open the QuickBooks Company file
• Almost after an hour, Auto Data Recovery feature will perform some internal diagnostics on the file
• If the opened company file passes the tests the ADR program considers it a good file and a backup copy is prepared into the ADR folder
• Once the initial copy is made the ADR transaction log file will comprise of the transactions that are added to the file.
• In a gap of 12 hours after the first backup copy is made, QuickBooks prepares another copy of the file as the application is open. So out of two backup copies one 12 hours old and other 24 hours old, the older one gets deleted.

The ABR feature helps to create the company file backup that helps the Intuit technical staff to repair and recover the files and data when the error is reported to them.

There are two ways that Auto Data Recovery feature helps to recover your lost file:

• Recreate lost transactions using your latest Transaction Log file and a copy of your Company file.
• Recreate all except the last few hours of transactions with a copy your Company file and Transaction Log file.

If you are on the boat of data loss and seeking for data recovery you can immediately contact QuickBooks Customer support number. The technical staff will promptly help you to repair and recover your entire data. Also, you can choose to contact QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Support Number for quick error resolution. The in-house QuickBooks support team here is experienced and are data recovery experts who can resolve all your QuickBooks ADR issues. They assure quick and smooth support in the shortest wait time. Dial the QuickBooks support number +1-800-961-6588 to fetch excellent QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery resolutions.

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