How To Send Your Company File To Accountant

In QuickBooks software, the clients generate the copy of the accountants for QuickBooks data file. For this, the client uses their own QuickBooks version and the original data file to create a file either to send or receive via email. Moreover, the designer of QuickBooks directly sends it to you. Fortunately, the process is very straightforward either way. You can also send a QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy by simply saving the file manually or by making use of the “Accountant’s Copy File Transfer” service. It is imperative that your accountant gets this file on time to assure all modification or improvements are made on your organization file.

Solution I: Creating a QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy of the Company File:

  1. Click on the File menu > and then select the QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy > Choose the Client Activities > click on the Create Accountant’s Copy and then Click Next.
  2. Mention the Dividing Date. It is the date that divides the part of your organization you are allowed to work on from the fraction of your accountant and then Click Next.
  3. Modify the filename that QuickBooks accounting software recommends for the accountant’s copy. This file should have a.QBX extension (Optional)
  4. Modify the recommended location for the file (Optional)
  5. Click on the Save. The QuickBooks software title bar displays now “Accountant’s Changes Pending.”
  6. Provide the.QBX file to the accountant copy
  7. Start working with your organization data.


Solution II: Sending your organization file by making use of Accountant’s Copy File Transfer:

  • Click the File menu and then click the QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy
  • Choose the Client Activities and then click in the Send to Accountant option
  • Verify that you prefer to send an Accountant’s Copy and then click Next
  • Select a dividing date and then Click Next.
  • Enter your accountant’s details like username, and e-mail address. Re-enter the accountant’s e-mail address to confirm that authenticity.
  • Enter the account holder name so that your accountant has been well-informed of the user sending the Accountant’s Copy.
  • You will get a confirmation e-mail in your mail Id, once the Accountant’s Copy is effectively uploaded to the Intuit server.
  • Select a password to safeguard the Accountant’s Copy.
    Your accountant will utilize this password to get right to use the Accountant’s Copy.
  • You can make use the matching password for your Admin password, but ensure to tell your accountant about this password (Optional)
  • Write a short note to your accountant along with instructions to use the Accountant’s Copy. For safety measures reasons, do not mention the Accountant’s Copy password.
  • And then Click Send.
  • After successfully completing of procedures, you will get an e-mail along with a link to download your Accountant’s Copy. You can use the Password you created to start the file.

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