A Quick Glance At QuickBooks 2018 Upgrade Features

QuickBooks 2018 Upgrade Features

QuickBooks has been gaining traction amongst startups and small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) with staff that have no formal training in accounting. It is widely used for managing bills and business payments, tracking orders, and processing payroll functions.

Going by the industry stats, QuickBooks has captured over 80% of the global SMB market. The most popular QB products include:

  • QuickBooks Pro
  • QuickBooks Accountant
  • QuickBooks Enterprise
  • QuickBooks Premier

This article attempts to provide an overview of QuickBooks 2018 upgraded features!

The following features are updated to the latest Windows version of the QB 2018 edition (available in all QuickBooks products mentioned above) in Canada, UK, and the US:

Improvements in Inventory Reports: This is one of the key enhancements which will revamp the existing workflow in QuickBooks inventory picking items for open sales orders. With the latest version in place, users will be able to modify inventory reports by adding columns or adjusting filters while using remote devices (such as mobile barcode scanner for scanning items). This will enable them to track, customize, and analyze their inventory reports in better ways.

Supports Multiple Monitors: Another noteworthy feature of this software is the ability to work with two or more monitors. This can be done by switching to the “multi-monitor” mode. The new feature will facilitate users (on the same network) to adapt their work space more seamlessly in line with their connected monitors. To try this feature you may reach out to QuickBooks tech support team and tap on the expertise of their efficient staff.

Better Searching Abilities: With the progressed version of QB application, Intuit has improved the “Search” abilities in the exhaustive list of Chart of Accounts. This is particularly useful for the sales team working with multiple accounts to conveniently search and scroll through an account / sub-account using keywords like account number and account name.

Past Due Invoices: Now users can manage past-due copies of their existing customer (or accounts) invoices by using past-due stamp feature. This flexibility will help the operations as well as payrolls team of an organization to easily track billing invoices and remind clients of the upcoming payment liabilities.

Toggle Reports: The new edition will further make it easier for the users to toggle or switch between financial reports (Accrual/Cash), based on their needs and requirements. With the click of a mouse, it will be easier to view and customize reports for tax planning and other management decisions. QuickBooks customer support team can help you appropriately configure this feature to your existing QB edition.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Another striking feature incorporated by Intuit in the latest QuickBooks 2018 edition is adding keyboard shortcuts, which will help customers to effortlessly copy and paste lines in their transactions. For example, the command “Ctrl+Alt+Y” can be used to copy the entire transaction in a row. This will enable the office staff to save time in typing repetitive information and work more efficiently.

Note: The keyboards shortcut feature can be used for invoices, time sheets, sales receipts, purchase orders (POS), and credit memos.

Vendor List Merge Feature: The latest QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant workflow will let users merge the new vendors into their existing vendor list. This will provide a consolidated view of vendor records (both inactive and active vendors) and accordingly merge or remove duplicate records.

Enhanced Security: The security enhancements in the latest QB edition will allow users to work securely on their web email accounts, without worrying about cyber crime threats. Simply select “Enhanced Security” option from “My Preferences” menu bar and securely sign-in to send and receive emails.

If you are interested to know more about the latest features, simply call our QuickBooks technical support team at +1-800-961-6588.

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