Step By Step Process to Pay Bonus in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Bonus Pay

Bonuses are additional and one-time payments that every business owners offer their employees. These are done, either at a particular time of the year or as an incentive to appreciate the hard work that the employees have put in, for the company. Since these are one time payments and are not regular payouts, they are not included in the automated payroll systems.

QuickBooks enterprises have a special feature which allows the business owners to include this in the software for financial and accounting purposes. As a QuickBooks user, one can call in our QuickBooks customer care team to know about this special feature. Read on to understand how a special payout or bonus for an employee can be added to the QuickBooks.

How to create Bonus Checks on QuickBooks?

To separate out the payroll and create a bonus check for the employees, at any time of the year:

  • Select and click ‘EMPLOYEES’ tab on the left navigation bar of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Now, click on the ‘RUN PAYROLL’ drop-down menu, and click on ‘BONUS ONLY’
  • Once you are on the ‘RUN PAYROLL – BONUS ONLY’ page, click on either of these options:
  1. NET PAY – the amount left after the payroll withholdings are taken out or the net take-home pay
  2. GROSS PAY – the complete pay without removing the payroll withholdings or any deductions are made
  • Once selected, click on ‘CONTINUE’ and when prompted, enter the date on which payment is to be done.
  • Click on the checkbox against the employees/employee for whom this bonus is applied.
  • Also, enter the bonus amount against each employee. The QuickBooks also allows you to enter a message in the MEMO box for your reference. You can also select the check boxes on ‘PAYROLL OPTIONS’ – by clicking on the PENCIL tab next to payroll options, and click ‘APPLY’ on options you want to select.
  • Once done, select ‘PAYROLL PREVIEW’ and check if everything is as per your requirement.
  • Click ‘SUBMIT’ to submit the payroll. The users can also print the paychecks or stubs through the options available.
  • Click on ‘FINISH PAYROLL’ to save it.

Additionally, ‘BONUS PAYCHECKS’ can also be added through ‘UNSCHEDULED PAYROLL’ options on the ‘PAY EMPLOYEES tab. Here again, each employee for whom the bonus is applicable can be selected and the details added. After clicking on the employees:

  • Click on the name of the bonus item from the drop-down menu and enter the gross amount to be given out in the ‘RATE ‘column.
  • You can adjust any taxes to be deducted from the options provided, and ‘SAVE’ the options before clicking ‘CLOSE’ to create bonus paychecks.
  • Multiple bonus paychecks can be created through this method.

Each time a bonus needs to be paid, you can perform the above operations to ensure the bonus payments go out from the system, and thereby, is recorded effectively for financial calculations.

For any additional information on the bonus paychecks inclusion or technical problems faced in the process, call in our QuickBooks tech support team for details at +1-800-961-6588. Our QuickBooks customer care experts will guide you through the process and instruct on the ways in which the bonus item can be included in the list of payouts to be done.

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