Pay Cash Employees Using QuickBooks

Pay Cash Employees Using QuickBooks

About Pay Cash to Employees

QuickBooks gives business owners different option by which employees can be given remuneration for different kind of work done either in cash or through bankers paycheck or fund transfer. QuickBooks in its different editions have delivered various features which are regularly coping with ongoing change in technology, allowing users to have timely solutions to any concern cropping up on the way while using the software.

Payroll is the most popular technique in QuickBooks which is used to pay the employees, but there are other options also available which are equally efficient and productive. To track reimbursement in QuickBooks one needs to create an expense account and then link the new account to employee’s payroll record.

Steps involved in Pay Cash to Employees

In QuickBooks there are multiple ways to perform a task and any issues cropping up have alternative real time solutions to solve them. Below are steps involved in making cash payment to the employees of organization.

Step#1 : Click on option “Record” , now select “Outline of Accounts”. After this you need to open your company’s petty cash account or cash drawer account.
Step#2 : In the next step one need to enter the name of the person or employee or representative to repay, if this option mandatory from your organizations point of view.
Step# 3 : Enter the total amount owed to representative in the payment section and then press “Tab” key
Step # 4 : Click on “Record” option drop down menu, select the cost center account and now select “Record”.
Step# 5 : Now one can make payment to the worker the money for the aggregate amount entered.
Step#6: Click on the option “Saving money” and then select tab “Compose Checks”.

In QuickBooks account to move money from Cash in Hand to company’s Bank account, following steps are involved:

  • Click on the option (+) create account , which is on the top right corner of the vertical bar
  • Now click on option “ Transfer” (cash in hand amount)
  • Click on option “Transfer fund from : petty cash/Cash in hand to”
  • Transfers funds to : desired bank account of the company
  • Now click on the option “Save and Close”

If one is still struggling to solve issues related to how to pay cash to employees , be sure to get in touch with our QuickBooks technical support experts for any sort of advice in guiding you’re the right option to solve the relevant issue.

QuickBooks Technical Support Services

Hope the steps enumerated above will solve issues related to how to pay cash to employees in QuickBooks along with relevant information to get you back on right track. For any concern related to Paybooks , employee reimbursements and other payroll related concern our technical support team can guide you through the software.

If you need any further information related to QuickBooks products and services , facing any problems or unable to understand the process, please contact our QuickBooks Technical support experts for instant support from anywhere and anytime who are highly trained and knowledgeable experts. They are third-party consultancy who provides QuickBooks assistance worldwide.

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