How to Password Protect QuickBooks?

QuickBooks software stockpiles your accounts, finance, balance sheet, payrolls and loads of vital data which has to be protected from being faulty shared. Since QuickBooks collect all the informative and critical data of the company, Intuit has taken all the right measures to protect the QuickBooks software by building up security systems within the software.

Not all the people using the QB software in a firm have access to the entire information. There are certain things to keep in mind while we set up the access levels in QuickBooks:

  • Protecting the data from unauthorized access.
  • Keeping an eye on what the users are doing.
  • Preventing the changes in files which are closed and need not be edited. This is done through closing dates and passwords.

Password Protect QuickBooks

  • Select Company.
  • Set up users.
  • Assign a password for the administrative account.
  • Set up access users, passwords and accounts.

Setting up access levels would keep the information access limited to each user. No extra information would be shown to the user apart from what he has access to.

How to set closing date password?

  • Select Company
  • Got to ‘Set Closing date’
  • Select ‘Set date/Password’
  • Choose your closing date and password. Select Ok

Setting up a closing date and password would prevent the data from being misused or from being amended or modified. Anyone who tries to make changes to the closed data would have to insert the password.

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QuickBooks is a storehouse to all your financial data. This data shouldn’t be easy to be accessed by anyone. QuickBooks allows you to secure your data at every step. It can be through access passwords, closing passwords or Audit Trail Reporting. But, it is how do we know about all the security that we can apply? Just call +1-800-961-6588 and we can assist you in protecting your critical data.

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