What You Need to Know About Sage Payment Solutions?

Sage Payment Solutions

Every business owner wants to get his/her business going without complications, get paid better, and make payments easily & speedily and managing the monetary assets of the business in an effective manner. To enable the business owner to have the above-mentioned advantages, Sage has introduced Sage Payment Solutions.

What Is Sage Payment Solutions?

Sage Payment Solutions are uncomplicated, smart business solutions which permit the user(s) to get paid or make the payments and also helps the user to manage the user’s the monetary assets of the business.

Features & Benefits of Sage Payment Solutions


I. Sage Payment Solution- One Place for all your Payments

Sage Payment Solutions tend to the businesses of different sizes as a service provider, by using innovation, and by using partnerships.

II. Coordinated Processing of Payment

Allow the funds to flow without haste & with favorable options for payment processing and integrate with other products of Sage accounting software.

III. Security is a Precedence

The Solution has the highest level of security pertaining to card data (PCI DSS Level 1 compliant). This enables the users or customers to trade without hassle, being protected against fraud.

IV. Free 24*7 customer support

RemoteAccounting247.com Customer Support Team is online 24*7. We’re ever-prepared to help you out. You can either email the Customer Support, email support or even chat with them.


1. The wide variety of countertop terminals permits the users to pay in the manner they find suitable for themselves, whether through debit or credit and/or chip card.

2. Sage Payment Solutions help its user(s) to be in league with the e-shopping trends to enlarge the user’s business.

3. The Solution all the more enables the user to take his/her business anywhere and work on it from any place or even receive payments from leading digital-wallet providers.

Errors Hindering Usage of Sage Payment Solutions

Many times, errors come forth while using Sage Payment Solutions, which specifically requires professional aid. The following are a few of the Error messages which hinder comely usage of Sage Payment Solutions:

1. Error Code 5080: “Form transaction registration failed – tried previous answers”. While the user is posting his/her form transaction through to the system, Sage Error 5080 crops up. The Error Code bespeaks that there is an error with the format in which the post is being made, or there is an error with encryption of the same.

2. Error Code 5006: “Unable to redirect to Vendor’s website. The Vendor failed to provide a Redirection URL”. In case this error crops up, the transaction might not be seeable within the user’s MySagePay admin-panel. Moreover, the user might not be able to see the transaction since it might not be see-able within the Successful or Failed or even Invalid logs.

3. Error Code 2000: NOTAUTHED: “The Authorization was declined by the bank.” The Error is caused due to the transaction which has been declined by the bank

There are other errors also, that hinder the use of the Sage Payment Solutions.

Although, we do know that you’re capable of solving the errors by yourselves, yet we’d love to help. Therefore, in case we might be able to assist you, do call us at our Sage Technical Support Phone Number  +1-800-961-6588 RemoteAccounting247.com

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