How to Link a Check to a Bill in QuickBooks?

link check to a bill in QuickBooks

A Bill will keep showing as unpaid or outstanding if the check is not linked to it. If you use to write checks, to write a check and to pay the bill then the bill will stand outstanding debt and check will stand as advance paid and both will not get set off against each other. So it is important to record the entries correctly. Linking of a check to the bill should be used if the check has been reconciled. In this article, we will show you how you can link check to a bill in QuickBooks so that the outstanding report shows you the correct position of outstanding.

Steps to Link Check to a Bill in QuickBooks

  1. Make the expense account as Accounts Payable: You can do this by carrying out the following steps.
  2. On the check that has been created change the expense account to the Accounts Payable account.
  3. Click on the Customer Job drop-down list to choose the name of the vendor. If you do not enter the name here, the QuickBooks online software will ask to choose the Vendor Name for the Accounts Payable.
  4. Save the changes and exit.
  5. Pay the Bill. For linking the check the bill carries on the following steps.
  6. Go to the Vendors Menu and select Pay Bills.
  7. Choose the bill which is corresponding to the check paid.
  8. Select the set credits option and then click on the Credits tab option.
  9. Now put a check mark on the credits tab. Change the amount as needed. ( In case of part payment against the bill)
  10. Click on Done.
  11. Click on pay selected bills and after this, you can easily link check to a bill in QuickBooks.


By carrying out the said steps the check will get linked to the QuickBooks and the outstanding will get reduced. Apart from this, you can now easily clear unpaid bills in QuickBooks and how do I change from payment with a check to a bill payment check in QuickBooks.

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