Latest Sage 50 2020.0 US Edition

An advanced announcement has been received from the company about the release of Sage 50 2020.0 US Edition in July 2019.

The highlights that this release gives you are mentioned here below:

  • Maintenance Record associated with the address field comprises Vendors, Customers, and Employees. Character length has been increased from 30 to 50.
  • The character accommodation has also been increased from 8 characters to 20 characters.
  • The characters of the item type field have also been expanded from 8 characters to 20 characters.
  • Within the Maintain Employees and Sales Reps., special 3, 4 and 5 are added to the withholding info tab as per the states introducing employees withholding taxes or paid family leaves.
  • Now, you can choose a specific contact to mail it to the customer. This is a different process from bill-to/primary contact by default. Here are the following things that the form covers:
  1. The proposal, Sales Invoice, Sales Order, Invoice, Quotes, Credit Memo, Change Order, Receipts and Credit Memo.
  • To maintain vendors area, the addition of notes field is made. Here, you can see the existence of many releases.
  • IPM Inbox Notification: The messages that aren’t dismissed by the users in the carousel, the top navigation panel has a bell notification. Through this notification panel, you can see what are active, dismissed or read messages. The Sage Message Center opens when you click on the bell icon and will display all types of messages.

What release the company has made available?

The company is planning to get the Pervasive v11 upgraded to Actian Zen v13. Actian Zen v13 supports provides better compatibility with Windows 10. The upgrade has also been made available in order to receive all the maintenance as well as security updates that are made compatible for v13.

In addition to this, it also improves the installation process which was earlier a problem. It also improves the placement of updates and activation keys just to build up and fill all the gaps that remained open.

What you can do in this?

If you are not using the latest version, we strongly recommend you to go for it. That means, before initiating any upgrade, we recommend you keep the latest update installed before processing the upgrade. The update helps you acquire all the tools and plug-ins that will help you in the upgrade. Those tools will also help you run the same version of Sage 50 in different computers.

To know more

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