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QuickBooks Online API

Generating an invoice through QuickBooks accounting software is quite easy, however, creating one under QuickBooks Online User Interface can be a little complex and error prone for the user. To simplify this process, we have provided required details below in regards with different aspects and components used with Invoice Data Model for QuickBooks User Interface (Online). The details will help the user to generate invoices while using QuickBooks Online API. In order to keep up with the processes user will be required to stay ready with a complete QuickBooks Company file including chart of accounts, customers and items. The information regarding following mentioned basis are provided in full detail:

● Basic Invoice
● Batch Operations
● Custom Fields

Batch Invoice

Generating Request

There are certain basic elements of an Invoice which should be defined by the user in full detail. User must be clear with the actual values of elements – ItemRef, CustomerRef along with comprehensive edition values of TaxCodeRef that is in tandem with the requirement of the business.

  • Inquire about the name list source for Items to verify the compatible item object in reference. Against ItemRef.value user can employ Item.Id while for user can employ details of Item.Name.
  • Inquire about the name list source for Customer to verify the compatible item object in reference. Against CustomerRef.value user can employ Customer.Id while for user can employ details of Customer.DisplayName.

Validation Faults

In terms with Customer, Tax Code and Items, details should already be available under the company even before request for generating invoice is issued. In case any of the detail is missing QuickBooks Online API might revert back with Validation Fault message.

Invoice Object Results

Generated invoice with minimal fields can be viewed. The portion highlighted are the details which are asked to be included by the user. It is imperative to keep check on these elements structured by the service as per the request sent out by the user.

Batch Operations

Under Batch Operations user can perform multiple processes within single request issued. Suppose user requires to generate multiple invoice then they can do so by issuing batch operation for the same. This benefits in multiple ways as under single batch request the performance and speed of the application are improved as the number of network trips is reduced. Some of the details regarding Batch Operation are:

● 30 is the maximum number of object that can be requested under one single request.
● Authentication for batch request is only done once which is applicable for all the operations requested under the same.

Custom Fields

The custom fields are generally defined by the user that are brought into use in order to keep check on other imperative information that is not available with the QuickBooks software. The user can set these fields using the Company Preference option provided with the User Interface. These fields can be defined through Preferences entity option.

Contact Support for More Information

The above listed details should help the user to generate an Invoice through QuickBooks online API. However, if more details are required, user should contact the customer support team of QuickBooks set up by Intuit. This team includes technical experts who not only offer easy resolution for QuickBooks errors but also provide technical know-how for different aspects like QuickBooks API used for creating invoices. If the user is unable to connect with these experts, they can try alternative support agencies. One such agency can be visited for online chat support through or call on QuickBooks Toll Free Number+1-800-961-6588.

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