Introduction to Direct Debit using GoCardless

Direct Debit using GoCardless

What is Direct Debit?

It will give you authorization to collect payments from the user’s bank account when it is due. After completing a direct debit mandate online, your customer gives the authorization. After taking authorization, the user can automatically take payment from their customer. The customer can contact on our Sage desktop technical support.

There are two things make Direct Debit unique:

Direct Debit is a bank to bank payment technique: It makes it cheaper and no involvement of card network.
A pull based system of Direct Debit: The production has authorization to pull funds when a payment is due.

Guarantee of the Direct Debit:

It is the Direct Debit plan of consumer protection. There are three ways to guarantee protects customers.

Cancellations – Clients can cancel a Direct Debit authorization at any time by contacting their bank.
Notifications – Clients must be notified in go forward of each payment.
Refunds – Clients are allowed to a full immediate and a full refund of any payment that has been taken in error.

Direct Debit mandates

It is an authorization from their clients to gather and collect future payments. It defines that they can collect a payment of any amount at any time. Their client gets notification before the collection of payments. All their payments are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee. It will also protect your client from payment taken error.

What is GoCardless for Sage 50 Accounts?

● Link to an existing account or create a new GoCardless account.
● It is requested to Direct Debit mandates from their clients.
● It is requested payments from their clients.
● Allocate and automatically post GoCardless fees and receipts.

When to use Direct Debit

Customers with an ongoing relationship

● Regular payments
● Invoicing for services

Demerit of Payments Direct Debit

● Transactions likely to experience chargeback
● Transactions which need instant clearest
● One-off payments, High-value of liquid goods

Sometime the customers require assistance to resolve their query and concern. You can call us on our Sage toll free number  +1-800-961-6588. We will give an instant response. So that you feel free to contact us anytime. At any point of time the user can contact with our Sage technical support.


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