Integration of Sage 50 Payroll V24 and Sage Job Costing

Integration Sage 50 Payroll v24

Sage Job Costing can be easily integrated with many Sage products. In this article, you can read on how to integrate Sage 50 Payroll v24 to Sage Job Costing in your computer system. So, you will have to install the Sage 50 Payroll v24 in your system then integrate it with your Sage Job Costing.

System with Job Costing installed in it

  • Open the Sage Job Costing application.
  • From the menu bar select the Help option.
  • Then, go to the About Sage Job Costing option.
  • Press the System Information option.
  • Move to the left-pane of your window and click on the Directories option.
  • From the Program option, note the path.
  • End the entire tasks that are running on your system.
  • Update your Job Costing application and Save the file on your Windows Desktop.
  • If you are asked to discard or keep the file, then select the Keep option from the prompt dialog box.
  • The file will be saved with a name JobCostingUpdate.exe on your desktop.
  • Double-click on the above mentioned file to execute the program.
  • Now, check that the path is similar to the path which you have noted down. If they are same click Yes and then click OK.
  • If the path is different then, click NO.
  • Browse the correct path and then click OK.

System with Payroll data stored in it

If the Payroll data is saved in a different computer and not in the default location, then you need to secure it. You will have to place a secure.mdw file just two levels above the Payroll data.

  • To browse for the Payroll data, double-click on the Sage Payroll.
  • Go to the Help option and then select the About option.
  • From the Program Details option, you will have to make a note for Data Directory.
  • Download the SECURE.MDW file and save it in a folder, just two levels above the folder where your Payroll data is stored.


The above solution is suggested by the Sage experts. By doing so, you can easily integrate the Sage 50 Payroll v24 to the Sage Job Costing solution for your computer system. If you have any queries or you need some assistance in carrying out the procedure, then you should contact Sage technical support. In case, you are unable to reach out to them, then you should look for other alternatives like “RemoteAccounting247”. They are one of the best Sage customer service consultancy who provides 24*7 support assistance. To get in touch with them, you will have to give a call on their Sage toll-free number  +1-800-961-6588 and they will respond to you immediately.


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