Install Your Update – Sage Payroll Year End 2018

Sage Payroll Year End 2018

Sage instant Payroll is suitable for up to 10 employees. Window 8 is compatible for this. It has multiple useful features such as maintaining and store all employee records, student loan, sickness absence, track holidays SSP records. The user can print their own pay slip and pay employees through BACS e- payments.

Sage Payroll year end 2018 – Install their update

● It is available for installing and download.

Install update

● The user gets the update as fast as possible, Sage Instant Payroll software prompts automatically for downloading.
● After getting prompt of updating, the user needs to install the update on their system as soon as possible. It’s not important to complete their payroll for the 2017/2018
● It contains legislation for both next and current tax year.
● After installing the update, the user needs to change between tax year. You can change pay date and correct legislation.

Before installing it you need to perform some below task.

● Select Tools then select my instant Payroll and also check that the version number begins with 15.00.
● The user needs to make a note of the application path.
● On the other hand, if you are using v16 version, and they have already installed their year end software update. They are ready to prepare for year end.
● Version 15 is for the 2017/2018 tax year.
● Manually download the update
● If they received the update prompt and they don’t want to wait. At this they can manually download and install on the system.
● Before performing any task they need to close Sage Instant Payroll and all the other software.
● Click on the link of Sage instant Payroll update.
● Here login into My Sage login and select download.
● Ensure they are logged onto the system as an administrator.
● To start the installation, double select the download file.
● Select Accept License and select yes, if the path is the same as the application path.
● If the path is not same, select No then click on Yes. Browse to the path they noted.
● Select Payroll.exe and click on Open.
● Select Finish, and open instant Payroll as well as click on Upgrade Now.
● Select continue using instant Payroll.
● Automatic update prompts
● Select Download Now.
● After completing the downloading, click on Install now.
● Select Accept License.
● You need to check the path is the same as application path and select on Yes.
● Select the finish
● Now you need to open the instant Payroll, select Upgrade Now.
● Select Continue uses instant Payroll.

If the user needs more information or any support, they can call us on our RemoteAccounting247. This call will be a toll free number. On the other hand the user can chat with us on chat window. They can also email us for any query. The user can call us on our Sage Toll Free Number  +1-800-961-6588 anytime and we are available 24*7 for you. So feel free to call us anytime anywhere, we are here for you.


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