How to Install Sage 50?

Sage 50, a software which conquers all your accounting traffic and records all your financial statements from minute to minute. However, before you start with the accounting process, installing the software is the key affair. Let us take down the instructions to install Sage 50.

Install Sage 50 on a Single Desktop

• Double click the executable Sage file (.exe) and select Install
• Understand the license agreement and then accept.

Your system may ask you to set the firewall for Sage 50, select yes. Further, more warnings may come up regarding the system security, we recommend you to select Unblock or Allow during the course.

• Along with the download link an email with the serial number would be into your inbox. Enter the number.
• This is the only computer running Sage 50. Select Yes. *
• Choose the program files location.
• Accept or Browse the company data location.
• Review the locations and select install.

Sage 50 would be installed on the system.

Install Sage 50 on the Server

The initial steps of installation on the server are similar to the installation on the desktop. Let us continue from Step 4 (marked with *).

• This is the only computer running Sage 50. Select No.
• You will store the company data Sage 50 on this computer. Select Yes.
• Select the location of the Program files. The location should be a local drive i.e. either C: or D:
• Accept the company data location. This folder has to be shared. While installing the software on the individual systems this folder location will be pointed towards company data.
• Review the locations and select Install.
• Share your company data folder by selecting properties -> advance sharing.

Sage 50 would be installed on the server.

Note: Sage 50 first has to be installed on the server and then only it can be installed on single workstations.

Sage Support Number

Sage 50 installation process is easy but tactful. Installations have to be two way in some cases. Never the less, our experts are always around you for assistance. Just call Sage Technical Support Phone Number +1-800-961-6588 and resolve whatever queries are on your mind.

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