Install QuickBooks PDF Converter

Install QuickBooks PDF Converter

The QuickBooks PDF Converter is a software feature that allows reports and forms in QuickBooks software to be mailed in Adobe PDF file format. The QuickBooks software files can be seen in Adobe Reader. However, at times, you might find difficulty in installing or reinstalling the QuickBooks PDF converter. Sometimes, the installation process remains incomplete and thus causes problem while installing the PDF converter.

To print and send various types of forms & reports in a PDF format, you have to convert the file first. If you are wondering of how to install the PDF converter effortlessly, then firstly either follow the step by step instruction to delete and install the QuickBooks PDF converter. However, if still unable to install, then straight away contact the IT experts at +1 (800) 961-6588

Detailed Instructions to Install QuickBooks PDF converter

If QuickBooks has a problem sending and creating PDF files, deleting the QuickBooks PDF Converter temporarily might fix the issue.

Deleting QuickBooks PDF Converter:

  • With Administrator rights, log in to the Windows as a user
  • Open the Faxes and Printers window:
  1. Windows XP:
    i. Click the Start button and select Run
    ii. Enter control printers in the Open box and click OK
  2. Windows Vista:
    i. Click the Start button and then click to Run. (If the run option is not available, click on the Start Search field).
    ii. Enter control printers and then click OK.
  • Right-click on the software PDF Converter icon and click Delete. Click yes to verify the deletion.

Reinstalling the QuickBooks PDF Converter:

  • Right-click on the QuickBooks software icon on the Windows desktop and select Properties.
  • Click Open File Location/Find Target. A Windows Explorer window displays.
  • Double-click the Install.exe or Installation problem to install the QuickBooks PDF Converter.
  • After the installation is completed, Click OK
  • Click the Start button and then select Run
  • Enter the control printers in the Open field and then click OK to start the Faxes and Printers window.
  • Right-click Document Converter and select Rename
  • Enter the right name below, according to the QuickBooks version installed, and then press Enter

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Are you still struggling to install the QuickBooks PDF converter or have any queries regarding the software even after following the instruction above? If this solution does not fix your issue or need additional support then directly contact the technical experts. They assure to provide suitable instruction and guidance according to your doubts and queries. The competent experts are always available for 24×7.

Contact now at RemoteAccounting247 toll-free number +1 (800) 961-6588. Certified professionals have years of experience in tacking any kinds of issue. Do chat via Quicken Live Chat any time to receive an instantaneous response from experts.

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