Important Notice to All Act! Users from Sage Act! v7.0 to Act! v20.1

Sage Act! v7.0 to Act! v20.1

If you are using any version of Acts dating between 2005 (Act! v7) to 2018 (Act! v20), then you should be aware of some critical changes that shall be taking place in times and may affect your access to your software.

As informed, the embedded 3rd party software component of Act!, facilitating license services has been discontinued by the manufacturer. From 1st January 2019, you might have to take certain actions as your current licensed component will be affect the Act! to stop working, and you will not be able to access the database any longer. Some of these actions include trying to install Act! on newer hardware, changing existing hardware and user count.

Users on unsupported version of Act! – According to the Act! Support Obsolescence Policy, users of v7 to v17 (2005 – 2014) will not be eligible to get important updates and improvements that ensure the product to run optimally. In order to prevent uninterrupted access to 2019 Act!, owners of versions Act! v17 or less are required to upgrade to the latest version of Act! v21 as soon as possible.

Users on supported version of Act! – For version of Act! v18 to v20 or for Act! Cloud and Act! Premium Subscription an update is made available to users with a new and cost-free licensing component for a particular version. To ensure continuous access to Act! in 2019, users of supported versions of Act! are required to update their respective version as soon as possible. To get information on how to access your latest update, give us a call on remoteaccounting247 tech support number +1 (800) 961-6588. Our experts will be delighted to share all the vital information with you.

Important Guidelines

  • If you are using Act! Premium Cloud, do not upgrade the Act! unless you are specifically notified to do so. In doing so will hinder your synchronization service. You will get communications on when to expect the migration
  • If you are using Act! in a work group environment, you might be probably sharing the database with a different user as well. Do not upgrade to a new version of the Act! without prior discussing with your Act! administrator. By failing to do so can avert you from logging in to any shared databases which have not been yet upgraded to the version of Act! of which you have.
  • If you are using an independent Act! and administering all of the databases individually and with Administrator rights on the workstation. You are eligible to upgrade to latest version of Act! However, prior to upgrade, we recommend you to first back up the databases as precaution against data loss. Your customers’ data is what matters the most.


Remoteaccounting247 Tech Support

If you are/still unsure on which version of Act! to settle on, simply reach for our support service. Our remaoteaccounting247 professionals are experts in the field of resolving issues and running accounting software. They can provide you with all the latest software update and upgrades knowledge.

Feel free to drop down your query at, or Live Chat Support link. To get directly connected with our professionals simply dial on +1 (800) 961-6588. Our service is available 24/7.

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