How to Import Sage 50 Payroll Information into Sage 50 P11D?

Sage 50 Payroll in Sage 50 P11D

There are occasions when you have to import the Sage 50 Payroll details into your Sage 50 P11D solutions. This solution is basically used in various businesses for the employees’ tax benefits. If you using the Sage 50 Payroll, then you can easily import the employee, mileage, employer, loan and car details into your Sage 50 P11D. You can easily execute this process by using the Payroll Data Import Wizard.

The imported details which are imported from the Sage 50 Payroll will be used to update the required field in the Sage 50 P11D. This wizard who imports the details and ensures that there are no duplicate data and manages the incomplete records as well the records of all the employees who have resigned from the organization. This all will be completed before that beginning of the current tax year.

Here are the steps on how you can Import information from the Sage 50 Payroll in Sage 50 P11D

  • End your Sage 50 Payroll.
  • Select the File option from the Sage 50 P11D.
  • Click on the Data Import option and then go to Import Sage Payroll Data.
  • Go to the Next option and then choose the Drive to search.
  • Now, click on Add option and go to Next option.
  • A new list of Sage 50 Payroll Company will get displayed on your screen.
  • Select a company from the list and press Next option.
  • From the same list, you will have to select the number of your employees you want to import or you can click on the Only import employees with benefit checkbox.
  • Click on Next Option.
  • While importing data from an employer, which you have already imported. You will receive a prompt to update the employer details or to create a new Employer Record. You will have to select Yes or No option when it appears.
  • Click on the View Import log checkbox on the screen and select the Finish option.
  • From the Import log, you will have to read the details mentioned and then go to OK option. You may receive a notification to update your P11D calculations.
  • If you are going to recalculate the benefits, then select the Yes option or you can also return to the Sage 50 P11D desktop and select NO option.

The steps mentioned above will help you in importing the employees’ information from the Sage 50 Payroll to the Sage 50 P11D. If you need any assistance with technical support while importing data or you have any queries then you can contact the RemoteAccounting247 for assistance. To reach out to them, you just have to call on their Sage toll-free number  +1-800-961-6588. You can also visit their website and request for online chat support assistance.


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