How to Upgrade Peachtree?

Whether it is anything, the world will demand for upgrades. From services to products everything has to be modified with time and improved technology. The Peachtree accounting software which in turn fulfills all your accounting needs keep upgrading itself to be better, smarter and to build up a user friendly interface. With every upgrade of Peachtree, additional features are enabled; the software becomes more effective and efficient.

You can upgrade the Peachtree software either through an automatic update or through manual download.

Let us seek the steps for the software update by both the means.

Automatic Upgrade Peachtree

  • Whenever a new update is available for the software, it would start prompting you. Download Now or Don’t Download options are available. Click on Download Now.
  • The illustration on the screen would prompt for a folder/location to download to:

This can be either the default location of your system (which depends on the version of windows you’re using) or save it to your computer’s desktop.

  • Press Ok and the software will start downloading.
  • Keep going forward with the prompts appearing on the screen.


The update will install

In case you do not visualize any prompts, Click Help -> Check for product updates. Peachtree would return you a text message affirming the update status of the software.

Manual Upgrade Peachtree

  • The updates are readily available for manual downloading without being prompted.
  • Select the update you want.
  • Download the upgrade to your system.
  • After the download, run the executable file from the download location. Make sure you close Peachtree if it is open.
  • The installation process would be completed and your Peachtree is now updated.

You can also update the Peachtree software from a CD. If you are shipped or mailed a CD just launch the .exe file. It would ask you for the version of Peachtree you are updating. It would then update Peachtree software.

The Peachtree Support Number

The up gradation process is effortless and is easy to conquer. But since this is technology and software updates anything could go out of our hands. If you face any hardships during the course of updating the software, just freely dial Peachtree Support Phone Number +1-800-961-6588 and you would be assisted by our experts.