How To Navigate Using Sage Peachtree?

how to navigate using sage peachtree

Sage Peachtree Accounting software is the perfect solution for small business houses to improve accuracy, enhanced compliance, improved efficiency, increased revenue, reduced costs with centralized operations and flexible and accurate reporting but do you know how to navigate using sage peachtree?

Sage Peachtree is also known as Sage 50  has been designed in a simple way with all functional features to make quick work of accounting and reporting, so that user can focus on efficiently running their businesses. Now let’s discuss how to navigate using sage peachtree.

How To Navigate Using Sage Peachtree?

Navigation Centers are also known as Home window has been designed for efficiency, easy to use and quick access features which are often used by different users. One can quickly get the overview or financial position of their business and with the help of workflow diagrams, one can perform a task of their choice. Navigation Center is Located on the left-hand side of your screen which gives quick access to business workflow diagrams, lists, reports, task used often and with many more features.

Business Status

The Business status navigation center is to start the day, which gives a user or the business owner the snapshot of the financial position of their business. This includes total Account balances, payments due to vendors, revenue and sales and report printing.

Customers and Sales

Customers and Sales appearing on home window shows or displays list of all Account Receivable information. This helps the user to manage all information about their clients or customers and how much they owe to the organization (pending payments).

Vendors and Purchases

Vendors and Purchases appearing on navigation center is where users enter their Purchase orders and send payments to their suppliers. With help of this, the user can enter bills, manage credits and returns and issue checks and treat the bills void whenever required

Inventory and Services

Under this features appearing on home window, Inventory & Services is where the user can set prices for products and services, view item or stock quantities in hand and keep track of the number of units sold on daily basis. From here the user can also keep track of their shipments.

Employees & Payroll

From this Navigation Center Employees & Payroll help the users to process employee paychecks, record time and expenses, and update employee information on a routine basis. This caters to the needs of human resource departments.


In the Banking column under Navigation Center, users can analyze cash flow, set a budget, and record bank deposits and payments records of clients.


The Systems navigation center helps the user or organization to set up, multiple users, set security levels, backup your system, and edit your company’s information whenever required.

Sage Support

From above theory, I guess you will able to understand how to navigate using sage peachtree but if you not then get in touch with our sage 50 technical support team in case of doubts and queries related to how to navigate using sage peachtree? The user can call on ✆+1-800-961-6588 anytime and talk with our team. Another option is to talk via live chat which is available on our website.

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