How to Move Data from Sage to QuickBooks?

Are you switching from Sage to QuickBooks? Then you also need to transfer your data of accounting but the question is how to do it. For this, we have a good solution for you so you don’t need to worry about anything. You just need to do the one thing that follows the steps one by another to transfer the data easily. This is done using the conversion tool for converting accounting data from Sage to QuickBooks.

The Process to Move Data from Sage to QuickBooks

The steps are as follows:-

1. Access the Sage company file first

  • To access it you need to open the Sage
  • Then go to the Company file and open it in Sage
  • Now go to the main menu and click on Maintain
  • After that, click on the Users and then select the set up security
  • In the security, go to the Data Access/Crystal Reports tab
  • Now in tab select the option “With the following login information”
  • Select the Change so that you can set a new password
  • After this, close the Sage account.

2. Now Download and run the Conversion Tool

Download and then install the conversion tool

  • Run this conversion tool as an admin
  1. To run it as admin you need to locate it
  2. Then right-click on it
  3. Then run it as an administrator

3. Locate and convert the data file

  • Locate the file. For this, click on Browse and then select the Sage company file
  1. A window will appear named “Pervasive 32-bit ODBC Engine DSN Setup”
  2. In this window, choose the company file that is having the same name as the database name
  3. Then click on OK button
  4. Now enter your Sage file password and then click on the Next button
  5. Select the product of QuickBooks in which you want to convert then browse to the company file and select the Next button
  6. The window of ready to convert shows you the conversion information so select the “Convert File” to start converting it
  7. Now the process is started converting data file and it will take some time so wait until it ends
  8. After it is converted successfully select option named “Open in QuickBooks”
  9. Verify the results.

The process is lengthy but when you do implement the process it can be done easily. Still, you face any issues then contact QuickBooks toll-free helpline number 1800-961-6588. You can also send an email or do a live chat with experts.