How to Fix Sage Pastel Error Code 20

How to Fix Sage Pastel Error Code 20

Are you annoyed with Sage Pastel error code 20, and wondering how to fix the error manually? Well, you just need to stay calm and contact the Sage experts round the clock at +1 (800) 961-6588. The experts use to have years of experience in tacking such problematic errors associated with Sage software.

What is Sage Pastel Error 20?

Sage Pastel Error 20 encounters while starting the software Sage Pastel Express or Partner, this simply means that the database is not licensed or running.

  • Pervasive Database Manager is not working on your computer
  • The user is not using licensed pervasive
  • Incomplete installation of the pervasive
  • The system is unable to generate a link to the pervasive Server engine when the user is making use of pervasive database manager

Causes of Sage Pastel Error Code 20

There are various software that can stop Pervasive from installing/running successfully such as:

  • Anti-Virus software
  • Windows Firewalls
  • User Account Control settings

Resolution to fix Sage Pastel Error Code 20

Note: In order to get the most of the solutions we have provided below, we would suggest you follow all the steps mentioned below in the given order.

1. Start Pervasive manually

  • Go to Start button and then select on All Programs
  • Choose Pervasively and click Pervasive.SQL
  • Select Start Workgroup Engine
  • Check the Taskbar to make sure that the Pervasive Engine icon has displayed.

2. Check the Pervasive License

  • Click the Pervasive Engine icon on the Taskbar
  • For the Workgroup Engine 9.60, note down the information of Database Service Manager
  • Now choose All Programs from the Start Menu
  • Click on the Pervasive
  • Select the on Other Utilities and choose License Administrator
  • Make sure that the enduring license type suits with the Pervasive workgroup and the license version is right.

3. Verify Map Drive Connection

  • Click My Computer. The mapped drive appears right after the local drives (optical disks and local hard disks).
  • Double-click on the mapped drive from the location. Make sure that the network connection correct and running well.
  • If the mapped drive is not available, we would recommend you to reconstruct the mapped network drive.

Contact us

Are you still struggling to resolve Sage Pastel Error Code 20 even after performing the detail step by step solution? As such, if you required a fast and accurate solution to fix the error quickly or need additional support, then our Sage experts are always available to support the sage user. They are competent enough to provide reliable solutions along with required guidelines.

Contact instantly with our Sage experts at toll-free helpline number +1 (800) 961-6588. Certified professionals have years of experience in tacking all kinds of challenging issue. Do chat via Sage Live Chat at any point of time to receive an active response from experts.

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