How to Email Invoices from Sage 50

Email Invoices from Sage 50

In Invoices, credits, Quotations, Sales Orders and Purchase orders, you can set up the Email option to create emails immediately using the layouts of your preference. After configuration, you can send orders, invoices, or quotations by email from Sage 50 Accounts in just one click. With the help of Sage Accounts, you can forward outlines & reports by email via Microsoft Outlook or webmail. You can enter an email address and send reports at the cause for making the report, for an instant, while informing an impulsive reply to a collaborator. Then again, you can configure proceedings to usually send to predetermined email addresses or new email addresses from your Sage Accounts data.

Note: Your outline must by now include an email setting. In case you have not emailed your layout earlier, then enter your email settings immediately.

Resolution steps to send email invoices from sage 50

Solution I: Configure your Email option

  • Go to the menu bar, click to Settings, and then click Order Defaults & Invoice and then press the Email tab
  • Right-Click the necessary document sort, for instance, Invoices, and then click Browse
  • Choose the layout that you would like to utilize while emailing the kind of document, and then click OK
  • Repeat the steps 2 and step 3 for each necessary document type, and then click OK

Solution II: Email a quotation, invoice, or order

  • Open the necessary module, and choose the quotations, invoices, or orders that you would like to email
  • For mailing the documents, press Email

Note: In Quotations, to email quotations, they should be the similar kind of document. You will not be able to email a fusion of quotations, invoice and sales order quotations collectively.

Solution III:

Step I:

  • Make sure you have an email program installed and configured using your desired email address
  • It has to be a MAPI competent email program
  • Make sure it is configured as your default email application in Windows.
  • In Sage 50 2016.3 or higher, there is now the capability to email invoices without the requirement to utilize Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, or some other MAPI compliant program.

Step 2:

  • Enter the vendor or customer email address in the Vendor Record or Customer Record on the address option
  • In the transaction, tab clicks on the Email on the right or on Invoice, File, and then Email.
  • Check the information and then click Send
  • Press Allow when prompted

Gain contact support for sending email invoices from Sage 50

Hope this article has delivered you with all required solution for sending email invoices from sage 50. But, if you are operating Sage email and the issue still occurs, then directly connect with our technical proficient, they will guide you in regard to any problematical issue. They are well-connect with our team us through our various channels. To get in touch with them, drop a mail at official mail id or directly call at official Sage Support number +1-800-961-6588, also you can contact via online chat support/ Live chat support.

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