How to Convert Company File from Mac to QuickBooks Windows?

Do you want to Convert Company File from Mac to QuickBooks Windows? But you are stuck in between or you don’t know how to do it then we are here to help you out. For converting these file you need to first prepare the files and then convert it for Windows.

Prepare the File for Conversion

  • Firstly, make a copy of the company file to your desktop that you want to convert
  • Check the company file name that it doesn’t have any special characters in the file name.
  • If there is any special character then do change the file name.
  1. For this, go to the QuickBooks
  2. Then click on the Preferences and
  3. Select My Company to find the file name.
  • Now open the QuickBooks and then open the company file in it
  • There are some memorized reports and transactions that you have to delete now
  • After that, you have to run the report of custom transaction detail and before running it set the date setting to All and click on the memo column to enable it

Convert Company File from Mac to QuickBooks Windows

  1. Open your Mac system and then open the QuickBooks account in it
  2. Now for converting the file to Windows go to the menu named “File”
  3. In the File menu “Select the Backup to QuickBooks for Windows”
  4. Now save this file to the desired location (Save as Window) and name the file as well
  5. Now click on the Save button so that the backup process will start
  6. After the backup is complete then transfer the file to the Windows system
  7. Now after transferring, open the Windows system
  8. Then open the QuickBooks in Windows
  9. In QuickBooks for Windows, select the File and then click on the Open or Restore Company
  10. Select the Restore a backup copy in the Restore company window and then click on the Next button
  11. After that, you need to do the local backup by selecting the option of Local backup and then click on Next button to proceed
  12. You have to locate the file with .QBB extension and select it that transferred from the Mac
  13. Now open it by clicking on the Open option
  14. At last, you need to type “Yes” and then click on the OK button when the file conversion window is popped up.

The file is converted now from Mac to the Windows QuickBooks. Still, you have any queries or stuck in between then dial the QuickBooks technical helpline toll-free number 1800-961-6588. The team is also available via email and a live chat to give you the best assistance.