How do I Resolve Error Code 30 with Sage

This error code belongs to the printer, so don’t worry about your sage account as it is safe. While using the Sage if you get an error 30 code then directly check your printer. The printer is causing any issue that is not known to you. If it’s not resolved or you don’t know how to do it then we are here to help you out. Here you will get the solution for this issue that helps you easily get rid of this error code 30 with Sage. You just need to get it done accordingly.

The causes because of it this error code appears are that the program of email maybe not compatible, Drivers are not updated, drivers may be corrupted, Email writer of Sage 50 have inaccurate settings, damaged customized form, any update error, and many more things.

Solution for resolving an Error Code 30 with Sage

    • First of all, disable the user account control
    • Now the error should be emailed and analyzed
    • Then you need to download an email program that is suitable with it
    • If the form that is customized is dis-figured then do these steps:-
      1. You have to print with a standard report or email it
      2. You get to know that the error is because of email or print, then check out the following steps below
    • You can use Email writer of Sage as a default printer:-
      . Now close the Sage 50 program

      1. Then go to the Start button on your Windows screen
      2. In Control Panel, go to the Devices and Printers
      3. Check that the Email Sage Writer is the default or not. If not then make it as a default
    • You can easily change the Email Writer port and permissions
      . For changing the port and permissions firstly, close the Sage software

      1. Then go to the Control Panel and then select devices and printers
      2. Now right-click on the Sage 50 Email Writer and then go to the properties of the printer
      3. Then select the Security Tab
    • In the Security Tab,
      . Check the settings according to your requirements

      1. Then click on the OK button to apply all the changes.

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