Got Unexpected Error 5 in Call to NetShareGetInfo for Path- How to Fix?

Error 5 in Call to NetShareGetInfo for Path

QuickBooks is regarded as one of the most extraordinary accounting software present today. Although the software is designed stunningly at times, you may bump into some technical bugs while using the software. Error 5 in call to NetShareGetInfo for the path is one amongst a few generic technical problems that occur while using QuickBooks.

QuickBooks has become an important part of every company, hence, even a slenderest of the hindrance in the solution can give rise to distress. Error 5 may hamper the functioning and the operations and tasks, so it is better to resolve this error as soon as possible. So, if you get this error 5 in call to NetShareGetInfo for the path while using the QuickBooks, then it is recommended to go through the article in order to resolve the error in just a few minutes. You can also contact the technical support staff of QuickBooks by calling () to get assistance over the phone.

What is error 5 in call to NetShareGetInfo for path?

Error 5 in call to NetShareGetInfo is a generic issue error which happens when a program stops installation while the installation is performed in the background.

What are the main causes this error?

The error basically happens due to an inappropriate access to a particular file location or a few system setting concerns. A simple case of this is when without any appropriate access to the file location, the user tries to access QuickBooks company file or authenticate inapt permission then this error is sure to occur.

In simple words, this issue is the outcome of either erroneously configured system settings or improper entries in the Windows registry.

How to resolve this Unexpected Error 5 in Call to Netsharegetinfo?

  • The initial step is to get ‘Re-image repair tool’ from Repair image download program and save it onto the computer. Now, you would need to scan, repair as well as identify malicious constituents hidden in the system.
  • Once, you have done the scanning go to file location, and initiate the installation. Keep clicking yes as and when required to carry on with the installation process.
  • Then, when you go to the welcome screen to start auto scanning. After the end of successful installation, the solution will spontaneously download a few significant updates as per issue present.
  • Now, the tool will auto scan your system.
  • Once, the tool finalizes scanning, user will get a pop up detecting the corrupted or spoiled area on your workstation. To fix the PC, click on ‘start repair’.
  • Just when the repair is done, the problems will be fixed, now you would just have to restart your PC.

Unexpected Error 5 in Call to Netsharegetinfo, will be solved now.

Listed above are a few of the easiest steps to get rid of the error 5, and continue with QuickBooks operations. Though, if you face any problems in following the steps then feel free to get in touch with our QuickBooks Technical Support Team on +1-800-961-6588, and we will do everything right to assist you with anything related to QuickBooks.

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