Getting Shared File Error Message in Sage

Getting Shared File Error Message in Sage

Sage is a wonderful software for all kinds of accounting needs. It helps to make all the tasks easier and sometimes, even automated. This saves time and helps to manage the finances of an organization in the proper way. No software is free of errors. Let us discuss one such error:

Error:Sage 50 cannot open the shared folder that contains this company.”

Description: It displays cannot open Sage 50—U.S. Edition company with following error – “Sage 50 cannot open the shared folder that contains this company.”


  • Incorrect permissions on the \\server\share (rather than the security of the folder)
  • Network drive mapping is incorrect


Solution I: Verify permissions

1. Verify that the folder is properly shared on the server

  • Share full control
  • Check if any other group has blocked the user
  • Removing/re-adding them to the group will hopefully solve the issue
  • Enable ‘Access-based enumeration’ if it’s hiding the folders that users don’t have permission to

If you are still receiving this error after verifying and correcting the shares then proceed to Solution II below

Solution II: On the Server

  1. Check the data path where companies data is located by right clicking Sage icon > properties > path (highlighted in blue)
  2. If you find that there’s only drive letter and one folder in the data path than proceed further to uninstall Sage 50
  3. Reinstall a new data path that contains at least two folders
  4. Now move all individual company folders plus the Forms folder from the old data path to this new path with new folders
  5. Proceed to Section III from server to the workstation to map a drive to the proper folder

Section III: On the workstation

Mapping the new drive to the proper folder

  • It is best to replicate the drive mapping found in the DATAPATH which is present in the peachtreexxx.ini file. If you can’t map it as per the suggested data path then change the data path according to steps below
  • Browse to.ini to change your data path >
  • Note that the default location on the server would be C:\Sage\Peachtree\Company
  • Drive on the workstation must be mapped to the Peachtree share DATAPATH=X:\Company (X=drive letter)
  • Double check for the drive not getting mapped directly to the Company share. Because it is always recommended to map a network drive to the folder above the Company folder
  • Select File > Save changes > close the file
  • Verify you can now open the shared folder without an error

In case you have followed these simple steps to check whether the program file is located in the right place and is made accessible with proper path set; then avail all its features error-free. However, there may be some extra steps needed to be performed like checking the default program’s directory location and at times setting up the right path may require advanced technical skills.

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