Future QuickBooks Desktop Version

QuickBooks Desktop Version

QuickBooks is revamping the way accounts are managed in companies. It has already achieved massive success in the recent time. QuickBooks is keeping pace with the technological advancements, hence every update of QuickBooks is a better and a much enhanced version.

Now, when it comes to QuickBooks Desktop, is already has its very loyal and long lasting target audience, consisting of a great number of faithful followers. However QuickBooks online is the newbie that’s transforming the accounting industry, but the future of QuickBooks still seems very promising.

What is QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Desktop has been enabling the companies manage their finances since quite a few years now. The software is a preferred choice for a vast majority of businesses since the 90s. The software has a little higher upfront charges but it is important to upgrade the edition every three years. The cost structure may make it a little less costly than its online counterpart.

Listed below are some of the cutting-edge features of QuickBooks desktop edition:

  • Multi-Workstation Support

The feature comes along with these editions: QuickBooks Account 2018, Pro, Premier and Enterprise 18.0

How to enable this feature?

This feature enables the software to be used with 3 different computers. To turn on this setting, go to the menu bar, and click on View, now turn on the Multi-monitor Mode. You can even use the shortcut, Ctrl+Alt+M to switch to the multi-monitor mode. Once you enable the feature, you will find the Move Window to Next Monitor option on every window.

What are the advantages of feature?

Accelerate the productivity by using the safe software on 3 connected monitors.

Cash/accrual movement

In a couple of reports, you can now easily swap between cash and accrual focused reporting. This can easily demonstrate the variation between both of these so companies that report on one however, they can file taxes on the other, though, they will have the option to view both easily. It’s a fairly specific issue, but for businesses impacted by the feature, this is a huge win.

Past due stamp

QuickBooks Desktop has the capability to automatically insert a “Past Due” stamp to all the invoices, giving the users a push toward clearing their payments on time. This seems like an extremely tiny thing, but reports have shown that small notifications like this may boost payments intensely.

Option to tie vendor records

You would need access to the Accountant ToolBox to make use of this feature. For this you may have to opt for a specific QuickBooks version like the Deluxe or Premium membership.

This feature provides a consolidated window to easily recognize and merges repeated vendor records. The user only has to search for the vendors in order to merge the duplicated records. You get an option to choose up to four different vendor records, and combine them together.

QuickBooks desktop version has been there in the market since years, and is still loved by many. So, if you are also using QuickBooks desktop software, and are facing any troubles with it, you can always call us at +1-800-961-6588 as we offer the best QuickBooks technical support.

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