Fix Sage 50 Error Code 000062

Sage 50 Error Code 000062

The Sage 50 Error Code 000062 is the decline code error, which you might come across when your client is trying to make payment through Sage. You will receive this error message “Invalid service code, restricted”. It comes in the category of bank error i.e. the bank of the issuing cardholder has declined your payment. As your payment has been declined, it is deemed as unsuccessful transaction.

The bank errors are of two types i.e. Decline Error and Gateway Rejections. Decline Errors are caused when customer’s bank has declined his transaction due to any reason. Here are some common reasons for the decline of transaction:

  • Expiration date of card.
  • Incorrect card number.
  • Lack of funds.
  • Bank has declined the transaction due to location, etc.


Gateway Rejection occurs when transactions are blocked by customer’s bank. It means that the transaction or the verification request have not cleared certain setting or rules that gateway has created. Some requests are rejected when you send the information to the processor, while some requests are rejected after authorization. It means the gateway will automatically void the transaction.

Solution for Sage 50 Error Code 000062:

Here are some steps which you should keep in mind when you come across this Sage 50 Error Code 000062:

  • Every business is allotted with a Service Industry Code or SIC. It is a four-digit number that represents the merchant’s industry type. For example, 5812 designates the “Eating Places”; 8111 designates the “Legal Services”.
  • There are certain cards that have some kind of restrictions from bank and they do not permit transaction for a limited type of business. For example, an FSA card can only be used in the pharmacy, or the use of EBT card is only limited to a grocery store.
  • Ultimately, Sage 50 Error Code 000062 indicates that the customer’s card may have decline error which prevents them from making any type of transaction. Thus, your card cannot be used for any business transaction.
  • Customer will have to contact their bank for further options so that the bank can provide them with other alternatives for the payments.


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