Fix QuickBooks Error Code PS077 PS032

QuickBooks Error Code PS077 PS032

The accounting software has made life easier for everyone around. With everything and everyone on a single page, the software such as QuickBooks Enterprise 2018 has eliminated the need to spend hours calculating payroll, entering invoices or adding clients each month. From updating to sending bills across, all can be achieved with a click of the mouse.

Our experts at QuickBooks customer care can deal with any problems related to the software and its products, from the point of installation to its operation. One thing that needs to be considered while dealing with a software is that they are prone to technical errors, and although it might not be a frequent one, errors do come in at times when least expected. Here again, our QuickBooks technical support can help you deal with the error and resolve it instantly. But, there are certain errors that can be resolved with some simple steps. Here is an example of an error code – PS077 & PS032.

What is QuickBooks Error Code PS077 PS032?

QuickBooks Error Code PS077 PS032 appears sometimes while updating the payroll in QuickBooks software. This means that the QuickBooks software is having difficulty downloading the tax table updates in the payroll system.

Why does it appear?

The Error Code PS077, PS032 can appear due to any of the below-mentioned problems in the software/system:

  • The QuickBooks Software is not registered
  • The billing information entered is either incorrect or outdated
  • The QuickBooks company file is corrupted or damaged
  • One of the components or payroll folder in the tax table file is invalid or damaged

How to resolve QuickBooks Error Code PS077 PS032?

  • To start with, check if you have the QuickBooks Desktop software registered in your PC and it is of the latest version.
  • Now, check that the billing information entered is correct and up-to-date. Also, ‘RUN’ a QuickBooks Desktop repair.
  • The Windows Vista, 77 and 8 users should ensure that the UAC or User Account Control is turned off, before starting to update.
  • Also make sure that any Third Party Software, such as an antivirus or anti-malware is obstructing the payroll updates being installed. Many times, this Third Party software or the UAC can create trouble while updating the payroll or any other part of the software. Temporarily disabling the Third Party Software and the UAC can resolve the issue immediately. You can again turn them on once the payroll is updated.

Alternatively, if any of the above-mentioned actions did not resolve the error and PS077, PS032 keeps appearing on the screen; call our QuickBooks technical help for more details and resolution process.

The experts at our QuickBooks Customer Care support will check the nature and cause of the problem, and try to resolve it online through a series of troubleshooting steps. Our third-party QuickBooks technical support team is available for any problems related to the software, and its products on the QuickBooks toll free number +1-800-961-6588.

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