Export Quicken To QuickBooks

Transferring file or export Quicken to QuickBooks is flawless by using the built-in conversion tools. Once you are completed downloading and installing QuickBooks, you can use the conversion utility and choose the desired file you want to transfer in QuickBooks accounting software. For converting the Quicken data to QuickBooks software, first convert the file to QuickBooks desktop file format, then convert the data to QuickBooks Online software.

Prior to Export Quicken to QuickBooks, Verify The Following:

  • Quicken Data files for Windows versions 1998 and a newer version can be converted directly to QuickBooks.
  • The Quicken Data files for Windows versions 4 and former cannot be directly converted to QuickBooks.
  • Quicken Data files for Rental Property Manager must be first converted to a top-standard Quicken version.
  • Quicken Data files for Mac can be easily converted to QuickBooks software for Mac.
  • If you function on Accounts Receivable in Quicken, make sure to note down the account name being used since the conversion to QuickBooks desktop will ask for the account name.


Prior to the conversion process, make sure that you have upgraded to the latest version of both software Quicken and QuickBooks.

Now that you have completed reviewing the limitations and prospects guidelines, therefore, if you have installed Quicken for Windows versions 98 and later on your system as QuickBooks, follow the below steps to convert the files:

  1. If valid, note the Quicken Accounts Receivable account before starting the below
  2. Start the QuickBooks desktop software
  3. Select the File and click Utilities.
  4. Choose Convert and then select “From Quicken” from the option
  5. Click on the Convert a Quicken File option, and then choose the desired Quicken file you wish to convert.
  6. And then Click Open
  7. After completion, QuickBooks will direct you throughout the remaining conversion.

If you have installed Quicken for Windows version 98 and latest version other than the destination computer system then, follow the given steps to convert the Quicken data:

  1. Install QuickBooks software on the same computer which has Quicken data.
  2. Now, you can export Quicken to QuickBooks software by following Steps 1
  3. Keep your QuickBooks data back to a removable storage medium, like a flash drive
  4. Open QuickBooks on the target system.
  5. Repair the QuickBooks data file on the target system by using the backup file you created
  6. However, If QuickBooks desktop version is not available then that will agree to an export, and you can download it in a limited-time free
  7. After the completion of converting files from the Quicken to QuickBooks, if you use QuickBooks software 2006 or any latest version and you will be asked to prepare the file export Quicken to QuickBooks software Online plus or essential

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