How to Fix Error Failure in Updating and Converting Company Files to Sage 50 2018-19

Failure in Updating and Converting Company Files

Sage 50 is accounting software incorporated with amazing tools and features which makes accounting task easier to large extent. One such error which is encountered by Sage 50 users while enhancing the features of the software is “Failure in updating & converting company files to sage 50 2018”.

Reason for causes of Error Failure in updating & converting company files to sage 50 2018

The main reason for the occurrence of this Sage error is due to necessary or indispensable components of Sage 50 which might have been blocked or Sage 50 software has not been installed properly. While updating the Sage 50 software, following types of error message pops up:

  • Error message popping up after completion of updating process “Unable to open the company file”.
  • While converting the company error pops up “Unknown error has occurred”.

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How to fix the Error related to Up-dation and Conversion

Solution 1: Disable Anti-virus and Real Time Scanners

  • User needs to disable Antivirus:
  1. If there is more than one antivirus /security software uninstall one by one and disable each of them.
  2. If system has Microsoft Security Essential (any kind of antivirus)

 User’s need to disable Real-Time protection
 Disable auto protection
 McAfee needs to have both Real-Time scanning and the fireball.

  • User needs to turn off the “Fireball and Real-time Scanning”, as it might be possible that McAfee will block 2018 conversion if they are not disabled.
  • User also needs to disable any auto backup software which is turned on to back up the company data files.
  • Now user needs to right click on “Sage 50 icon” and Run the same as “Administrator”.
  • Now the user can start the conversion of data file again.
  • Once the conversion is finished the user can now re-enable any security software earlier disabled.

Solution 2: Verify content of SAJ folder

  • User need to verify the company files (SAJ folder and SAI file), do not have read-only and hidden attributes.
  • Right click on both the files and select option “Properties” to check attributes.
  • Check for “Read-Only” and “Hidden”, click on “Apply”, now in next step uncheck “Read-Only” and “Hidden”, then click on “Apply” again. This is to be applied to all subfolders in the SAJ folder
  • Now check whether sample company files convert fine or not
  • Also do check for any duplicate or extra files in SAJ folder.

Solution 3: Incomplete Installation of Sage 50

  • First of user need to uninstall the Sage 50 software.
  • User needs to disable Antivirus and firewall security features.
  • Then, now again Install Sage 50 software.

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