Email Pay Stubs QuickBooks Desktop

Email Pay Stubs QuickBooks Desktop

About Email Pay Stubs

One can email pay stubs to employees directly from QuickBooks Desktop which is sent as password protected PDF file, to increase the security of employees information. QuickBooks Desktop uses the company’s email address as the sender and employees email address as the recipient in the respective field.

  • Pay stubs created in QuickBooks use only PDF format.
  • Key benefits of PDF format is that , it preserves the look and content of the Email pay stubs and it allows the business owners and accountant to keep it password protected so that file can be assessed and open by the intended recipients only.
  • Every employee to whom one needs to send email pay stub will be given a unique password , which they will be using to open the pay stub on their end.

Steps to Email Pay Stubs

Let us walk through the steps involved in emailing pay stubs from most popular accounting software QuickBooks Desktop.

Step# 1 : Setting Email in QuickBooks Desktop :

  • Click on Edit menu, select Preference , select Send Forms tab and click on My Preferences tab.

(Edit –Preference—Send Forms —-My Preferences)

  • In Send Email option choose Web Mail option (for sending through Gmail, Yahoo) or Outlook (for sending through Microsoft outlook) as email id and then click on “OK” option.

Steps #2 : When you are ready to send email a pay stub , log into QuickBooks account as single -user-mode (not multi user). Click on (File > Switch >Single-user mode )
Steps#3 : Click on option ( File menu >Print forms > click on Pay Stubs)
Step# 4 : Ensure double check on account listed in “Bank Account” field is correct. You can also check from drop down arrow and select correct account to make payment in case of incorrect information.
Step# 5 : Please check the option (From and Through dates) and match the paycheck date for correct information.
Step #6 : You can select the Employee to whom you want to Email Pay stubs and click on option “Preview” to view correct details and then click on option “ Email”.
Step#7 : Before emailing pay stubs , one need to make sure to note down each employees pay stub password and email them, as they will be needing the password to open the password protected PDF file.
Step # 8 : After noting down the password click on button “Ok” and now enter each employees email address and then again click on “Ok” button.
Step #9 : Verify and confirm correct information and then click on tab “Send Now” and pay stubs will be sent to employees listed.
Step #10: If want to see the list of all emails sent to employees, one can check by clicking on option “ Employee Center”, followed by “Employee Information” and option “SentEmail”

QuickBooks Technical Support Services

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